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Dodgers News: Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright Doesn’t Speak To Media

Ahead of Game 6 at Busch Stadium tonight, Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright didn’t speak to reporters in the interview room because he doesn’t believe that there will be a Game 7 tomorrow night.

It’s customary for the starter of the next game to speak to the media and Dodgers rookie Hyun-Jin Ryu spoke to the media on-time before his Game 7 scheduled start tomorrow. Much has been made about the Dodgers “antics”, especially from Wainwright himself, so this is definitely more fuel for the Boys in Blue.

ESPNLA reporter Arash Markazi was the first to learn why Wainwright wasn’t made available to the media:

Wainwright and Carlos Beltran complained about Adrian Gonzalez and Yasiel Puig celebrating hits in Game 3 and there’s been too much written about the difference between the two fan bases.

Cardinal columnists went so far as to say that Dodger Stadium is a place where you’d find people “flashing gang signs” and that they do things the “right way”. While the Cardinals have complained about the way the Dodgers go about things, there have been several examples of the Cardinals showing emotion that the Dodgers haven’t complained about.

As Jerry Hairston Jr. and Don Mattingly stated, playoff baseball is a time to be emotional and it’s not like it’s June 9 and there’s three months left in the season, it’s the playoffs.

Clayton Kershaw is on the mound in tonight’s Game 6 and if the Dodgers do advance, Wainwright will be made available to the media after the game and prior to his Game 7 start tomorrow.


In case you missed it, here’s Adrian Gonzalez flashing the “Mickey Mouse” celebration after NLCS Game 5

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