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Dodgers News: Carlos Quentin To Face Dodgers After Brawl At Petco

Lost in all the Yasiel Puig hype is the fact that the San Diego Padres are in town and it’ll be the first time outfielder Carlos Quentin will face Dodgers pitching since the brawl at Petco Park on April 13.

Quentin was struck on the wrist by Zack Greinke and mayhem ensued as Quentin charged the mound and the Dodgers season hasn’t been the same since Greinke broke his collarbone. The Dodgers are 17-29 since the incident and are in last place in the somewhat weak NL West.

According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports, an unnamed Dodgers pitcher vowed Quentin would “get his” eventually:

“We will get him,” he said. “It may not be next time we see him. It may not be the time after that. It may not be two times after that. But we will get him. I promise.”

Greinke won’t pitch in the three-game series against the Padres, but the Dodgers will have Stephen Fife, Ted Lilly and Clayton Kershaw toeing the rubber as they look to climb their way out of the cellar.

Quentin was suspended for eight games following the incident while he’s been known to dive into pitches and crowd the plate, there’s history between the two players from their days in the AL Central. It’ll be interesting to see how the Dodgers go about handling the situation since if Quentin is hit, commissioner Bud Selig would probably suspend or fine manager Don Mattingly.

With the arrival of Puig for the next couple of weeks and the drama surrounding Quentin and the Dodgers, the series against the Padres might be the most exciting three-game stretch so far this season.

Yes the team is struggling and everyone is frustrated that they aren’t close to the pre-season expectations, but hopefully the 10-game homestand will help the Dodgers turn things around.


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