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Dodgers News: Champion Broadband Now Carrying SportsNet LA

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With the Los Angeles Dodgers set to open the 2014 season at 1 a.m. in Los Angeles, the reality that plenty of fans throughout Southern California will be unable to watch the game is beginning to sink in. Heading into Friday, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks were the only providers who carried SportsNet LA.

That has since changed however, as Champion Broadband has joined the group and its customers in Arcadia and Monrovia will also be able to watch the Opening Series:

Though the added availability is only in two cities, it’s another step in the right direction for TWC and their efforts to convince the likes of AT&T U-verse, Charter, DirecTV, Dish Network and Verizon FiOS to agree to terms that would land them the pay-TV network. While the situation could change, Dish Network’s vice president David Shull stated their customers aren’t interested in SportsNet LA. Dish took a similar stance with the Los Angeles Lakers and have yet to add their network, Time Warner Cable SportsNet, to its lineup of channels offered.

Dodgers president Stan Kasten expressed optimism on Monday that deals would eventually be agreed upon because of the large draw the Dodgers have. TWC CEO Rob Marcus also is on record as believing SportsNet LA will become more widely available, but added negotiations could go down to the wire. With the regular season set to begin, additional pressure has been placed on the cable providers to come to terms.

The Dodgers will play three exhibition games with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim from March 27-29 and resume their regular season schedule in San Diego on March 30. ESPN will broadcast the Sunday game, which is the Padres’ season opener, but fans will once again be in the dark for the next two games of that series on April 1 and April 2. An important date to keep an eye on is the Dodgers’ home opener on April 4, when they play the San Francisco Giants. Should SportsNet LA still be limited to its three current providers, fans may then resort to switching providers.


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  1. So the big guys are refusing to play along. The majority of Dodger fans are in the dark…Good going TWC and Dodger Brass

  2. What right does David Shull have to speak for me. I am a dish customer and am very interested in getting SportsNet LA. Died hard Dodger fan and can’t even watch them on TV. I did nothing to deserve this. Dish is to cheap to cough up the dough to keep there cusomers happy. Ya, screw the little guy. Thanks Dish…….a real class act……..not.

    1. shonie they said no. dish said no 3 weeks ago. so u have to change providers to the other 7

    2. I agree… All the Dodger Fans need to pack their satellites and wires and go somewhere else.

  3. What about fans who live in other states? I live in Las Vegas and have been a die hard fan for 35 years…I can’t even get TWC if I wanted to. Come on Cox or Direct TV lets get on the ball.

  4. This is BIG news. I mean it should be. Majority of Dodger fans in So Cal for the first time will not be able to watch live games. Thanks alot Dodgers and TWC! I’ll bet Robert D Marcus will have behind the plate seats for Opening Day at Dodger Stadium while I gotta go out in my driveway and turn on my AM radio in my truck! WTF? I AM LIVID!

  5. Dodgers’ and TWC ‘s greed are going to mean the death of future dodger fans. Seems short sided in my humble opinion. The purity of sports fandom is long gone. I’m just about done with it all myself. My love for pro sports has been dwindling since the NFL left Los Angeles. Lock outs, strikes, and now TV deals has nearly disenchanted me entirely. #FUlasportsnet

  6. david shull is a colorado rockies fan which is why he doesnt give a rats ass about dodgers fans. dodgers are and will be the most dominant, most talked about baseball team for years to come. why wouldn’t you agree to broadcast something the public will buy?

  7. I’ve been a loyal Dodger fan since my Dad took us to the LA Coliseum to see my first game. Now I’m losing the allure. I’ll bet there are millions of people in the greater LA area that will not be able to watch Dodgers on TV, no matter how much they might be willing to pay. Areas in LA that have COX, ATT, etc. cannot get TWC no matter what! Its not an option! Sure we can go to DISH or DIRECTV but there’s no SportsNetLA there either! Dodgers brass screwed up! It’s like you didn’t realize that this would be happening. You area alienating millions of us and we won’t forget it! AND, how about this … millions of people won’t be able to watch the ads from your sponsors!

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