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Dodgers News: Chris Taylor Held Out of the Lineup Again Tonight

The Dodgers and Rockies are back at it again tonight in Colorado. With Los Angeles chasing the Giants by just 1 game in the NL West, they will send out Walker Buehler to try and shut down their offense in the Mile High City. 

The team will also be without Chris Taylor in their starting lineup again. The Dodgers have had CT in there just 3 times over the past 2 weeks as he continues to battle with a neck injury. Taylor seemed to aggravate his neck on a play at the wall in the Padres series on July 10th. 

He would eventually come back to play in the weekend series against the Reds. But Dave Roberts said after Tuesday’s win that Taylor was not available off of the Dodgers bench, which is why he did not enter the extra-innings game. 

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That neck injury appears to be an issue still and the Dodgers will go without Taylor. Luke Raley gets the start in right field again with Cody Bellinger hitting the injured list before Tuesday night’s game. Mookie Betts gets another start in center as a result. 

Roberts noted before the game tonight that not only was Taylor not in the lineup but that they would completely stay away from him. Doc also made sure to mention that he did think the team could manage the neck issue without a stint on the injured list. 

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  1. Taylor is probably the most important player on the team overall. The team is Gonna need him to have a chance at all….Why not play Lux in right, Beaty in left….Buehler doesn’t have too many balls pulled on him….Oh I forgot, Beaty isn’t allowed………

    1. Kirk, now that Pollock is back, he probably plays in CF for the time being with Lux in LF and Betts in RF. As you know Pollock has experience playing CF, he did that with AZ. Dodgers are going to play Dbacks so there’s familiarity there for Pollock. Taylor? When he’s well enough he will be in CF.

      1. Paul. time for DRRRRRRRRR’s to throw in the towel. Buehler and urias need rest. The Vagiants are just getting stronger…..Tip your cap to them and get ready for the one game playoff against the cards….Reds and Pads are 5 games back after tonight…..This season is wrapped up…….

        1. Good evening and I was just going to post a similar theme here. Giants are winning 8 to 4 in bottom of 8th and I agree that with being 2 games out with 10 to play its a done deal and Dodgers will host that WC game on October 6th. Hitting just stopped tonight after the 5th inning but Vesia took Dodgers out of the game when he served up that HR Hilliard. . It looks like Pollock will be in LF on Thursday and Lux moves over to CF. IDK if Lux ever played CF before.

          1. Yes, Vessia is also spent. DRRRRRRRRRRR’s burned up the bull pen now we’re starting to see the fall out. Also Bud Black has been going for the throat against the Dodgers. If anyone thinks the Rockies will play like this against the Vagiants and do them any favors better just look back to the last series against them when Bud Black just laid down. Bud is a Ex Vagiant and will never do anything to help the Dodgers…Time for Drrrrrrrr’s to really rest the worn out decrepit Dodgers.

      2. I’d rather see Pollock stay in left recovering from a pulled hammy, Mookie in center and Beatty in right. Replace Pollock w Lux when we get a lead after 5 innings until Pollock shows he’s completely healthy. Let Lux start taking practice in center or right maybe, but he’s just learning left! What can you expect a lifelong shortstop to be able to do at the major league level?!

  2. Please Roberts, stop playing Raley, Bellinger or McKinstry….They all stink as hitters…..We just lost a chance to score because Raley cant hit a bit fat, slow breaking ball……..

  3. I wonder how long Bells has had this injury was it new or is it an aggravated injury that he was not telling anybody. Whats to say it will not still be lingering if we even make it out of the wild card game I have my doubts any more boneheaded moves like Thurs and wait till next year. While I am not a Lux fan both he and Raley did a good job last nite,

  4. I really miss Joe and Oral. They are a good substitute for Vin Scully.

    I wish them the best in recovering from the Covid quartine!

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