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Dodgers News: Chris Taylor Likely Out Today With Neck Injury

The Dodgers will be going for a series sweep this afternoon against the Padres. They will have to do it against a guy that has pitched well against them throughout his career in Blake Snell. They also have to do it without a few of their normal players in the lineup. 

Dave Roberts had already said that he does not anticipate Cody Bellinger and Gavin Lux in against the left-handed Snell. But the Dodgers could also be without Chris Taylor in this one as well as he continues to recover from a sore neck.

After sitting CT3 on Saturday evening, Doc said that he thinks it is unlikely he will be in there on Sunday. The Dodges utilityman apparently got checked up pretty good by that neck injury after catching a ball at the wall on Friday night. 

Taylor not being in the lineup could leave the Dodgers in an interesting position heading into Sunday. They could potentially put Trea Turner out in center if they wanted to keep Max Muncy in the lineup at second base. 

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Alternatively, Dave Roberts could opt to give Matt Beaty a start against the left-handed pitcher. Regardless of the direction they go, it seems like the Dodgers will be without Turner. 

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  1. Roberts mentioned, very casually, in the post game interview Friday night that Taylor has been dealing with a neck injury. It was the typical downplaying of an injury by Roberts. Although fatigue may be a factor, the neck injury is likely a contributing factor to Taylor’s recent struggles with the bat.
    His neck injury and the Pollock hamstring injury (which was self-inflicted), is only making it even more difficult for the Dodgers’ offense, which was already struggling, to get it in gear.
    Fortunately, the ballclub has scored 4-5 runs in some games recently when they only generated 4-5 hits but that’s not a formula for success, especially in a WC game or Playoff Series.
    Even with Betts looking like himself, even with Seager back and even with T. Turner, the Dodgers’ offense is routinely struggling to generate more than 4-5 hits per game and they are not drawing as many BB’s either.

    1. No worries he’s got Bellinger smoking hot and ready at the plate. Beaty on the Bench just in case there’s a AB needed in the 8th or ninth with 2 outs and no one on….

  2. Not to worry!

    My guess is in the next few days, Billy McKinney will be fully recovered and resume his ‘rightful’ place on the Dodger roster, much to Dave Roberts utter joy.

    Meanwhile today, we have that Souza dude starting, all the while Matt Beaty (who is hitting 100 points higher this year) sits at the complete opposite end of the dugout, far away for DR’s eyes….

    We, the fans, need a little ‘birdie’ to let us in on the real reason Roberts keeps making outrageous baseball decisions, in all aspects of the game. Come on, liddle’ birdie!

  3. I believe Kershaw will be back in dodger blue probably for two years with team options. Don’t see him playing anywhere else.

    1. He will be gone after this season. They will resign Scherzer. I’d take him over Kershaw any day.

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