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Dodgers News: Chris Taylor Makes History in Game 5 Against The Braves

The Dodgers had a chance to prove that they are still here to fight and they definitely did. Chris Taylor was seeing the ball better than ever and decided to make history by hitting 3 home runs on Thursday night. First, a two-run home run in the bottom of the 2nd to give the Dodgers the lead, and fans were losing it.

After that, Taylor singled in the bottom of the 3rd and went on to hit two more home runs. He was absolutely unstoppable in game 5. He talked a little bit about how this year has allowed him to have an incredible night like this.

“Luckily, I feel pretty good right now, so I am not thinking too much. I think mechanically I am in a better place,” said Taylor. “I was kind of grinding there for the last couple of months of the regular season and I finally worked through some things and once you get a couple of hits, the confidence goes.”

Taylor also said that LA needed to make a statement and they did exactly that. Later on, Taylor spoke with ESPN after the game and was asked about his performance during what could have been the Dodgers final game.

“I don’t know, just one at-bat at a time. Not trying to do too much honestly, and things worked out. I can’t think hit homers, you know for me it’s always, I’m trying to hit line drives and the homers just happen by accident.”

Although Chris Taylor has not let it all sink it yet, it definitely has for fans. Many took to Twitter to let everyone know how they feel about CT3.

Chris Taylor is now the first player to hit 3 home runs in a single game with their team facing elimination. Not only that, but he is also now one out of only five players who have been able to hit 3 home runs in a postseason game, alongside his now teammate, Albert Pujols.

Overall, Chris Taylor brought all the momentum back to LA so they can try to repeat their accomplishments from last year. The Dodgers still have a ways to go if they want to make it to the World Series and their next game will be in Atlanta on Saturday, October 23rd.

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  1. CT3 for President! Ok maybe not, but I’m awarding him and the Dodger Bullpen Co-MVP’s for the NLCS!

  2. Massive congrats to CT3 and the rest of the boys!

    Well done!

    One game at a time, keep it simple!

    Go Dodgers!!!!

  3. Absolute shout out to CT3!!!! He has got to be one of the most underrated players in the game. Taylor has come through, with his defensive versatility and amazing bat, to carry our team during both the Dodgers’ regular season and now our postseason. 1st player ever to have 3 runs in an Elimination game. What a night!!!

    Lest I forget that Pollock also got “the memo” and showed up to show out. What a time for his bat to get hot! Overall, our entire offense showed up (stealing bases too) last night against the Braves’ and the Braves’ lefty no less!!! That game was all, and even more than, Dodgers’ fans could have hoped for. The Dodgers should carry this momentum going into Game 6 even though it will be in Atlanta. LET’S GO DODGERS!!!!

    1. B Mcp, ditto. Truly spectacular performance and kudos all around! Looks like the “brain trust” might finally get out of the way and let the boys play! Let’s not try and be cute anymore ok? We got this! Atlanta gotta be having a “nightmare on elm street” moment.

  4. Need to sign CT3 and make him a regular left fielder he’s gold glove everywhere you put him.If Dodgers don’t keep Seager then put Taylor at second base he’s gold glove there too.Sure there will be more than 6 teams that will take him and pay him.

    1. I’m praying that the FO has learned their lesson with Kike. Can’t imagine they make the same mistake again.

      1. All he does is show up everyday lunch pail in hand and say “where am I playing today skipper?” Unbelievable performer, character un-surpassed, what more can you say…not to say his teammates are less than, but just wow.

  5. CT3 has been the MVP of this team the entire season, let alone these playoff’s. Let’s hope Drrrr starts the same line up that just erupted. Drrrrr can NOT have a brain flub and make the same mistakes he’s made by taking HOT hitters out of the line up. Pollock and Pujols HAVE to be in the starting line up Sat. Let’s hope Drrrrrrr thinks clearly…..

    1. Kirk,

      Totally agree!

      BTW, this site needs an ‘upvote’ counter so we can approve without every time having to type! – thank you Dodger Nation.

  6. Let’s review the monumental task facing Ian Anderson in game 6:

    RF Betts (2018 WS MVP)
    2B Turner (NL Batting champ)
    SS Seager (2020 NLCS AND WS MVP, 2015 RoY)
    C Smith (proven postseason stud)
    LF Pollock (.300 hitter just got hot)
    1B Pujols (1st ballot HOFer)
    3B Taylor (2021 NLCS MVP)
    CF Bellinger (2019 NL MVP, 2017 ROY)
    P Scherzer? (Ofer at the plate lol, 3x Cy Young though)

    How did Mr. T put it? “I pity the fool!”

    Good luck!

    My prediction? Mad Max has a 6 run lead before he even takes the bump!

      1. What do you wanna bet Roberts doesn’t start AP due to the RHP?

        I kinda agree with that? I am on the fence as he can step it up on the big stage/Showtime.

        I’d roll the dice, WTH….

        How’s this… Mad Maxx, 1st hit of the season!

          1. I think the baseball Gods would have a heart attack! A HR no less! A WALK OFF blast!

            I can dream! lol

          2. Doug, lol you’re killin me bro! I’m still waiting for those will-call tickets for your next appearance at the Comedy store! Where do you come up with this stuff?

          3. LOL

            Kinda just rolls off the brain….. a quick wit as they would say.

            I’ll leave you 2 tickets if you take me to the next home game, in your box! I know you can make that happen!

          4. Jim Fregosi (God rest his soul) got me into the All Star game in Anaheim day of…. you have a tough act to follow my friend….

            Should we move on, feeling’ good… we will talk.

            While you ask for tickets to my comedy show, lol, I am not an artist. However, CAA, WME, UTA, etc., know me well. Just too kinda give you a clue….

            Meanwhile, back at the game/s at hand, one game at a time, play smart and we got this!

            Glad to see you are back in a good mood! Who else can I banter with other than you!

          5. CAA, WME, UTA??? Unfamiliar with all. You just gave me a haircut. Flew right over my head.

          6. Back to being down in the dumps…just found out no Mad Max game 6, arm still dead! Arghhhh

  7. They should re sign CT3 and have him in left. Pollock I believe has a club option next year, they should deny that and let him go. Seager will sign elsewhere. Sign Freddie Freeman to play first, move Muncy over to second, Trea to shortstop, sign Kris Bryant to play third, and have JT as the DH since it is coming back next year. Lux can become the utility player.

  8. Looks like the Baseball Gods just might have justice on their minds after-all…just sayin. Dodgers vs Cheaters, 4-0 sweep! It’s the only way! MAKE IT SO!

    Dusty Baker and the Cheaters…sounds like 50’s Motown band lol

  9. Yordan Alvarez, oh my what a hitter.

    Dodger traded for Josh Fields? Really? Smh

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