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Dodgers News: Chris Taylor Uses His Platform With Creation Of CT3 Foundation

Making it in any professional sports league requires the highest level of dedication along with a little bit of luck and a gift. Leagues like the MLB gain so much traction thanks to the fans who follow their role models to that make it all possible and Chris Taylor is no stranger to this fact.

When you reach such a pinnacle, the best way to show your love for the game is to give back to those most in need. With Taylor’s platform that he’s created from being in the league and playing with the Dodgers, he found his calling. The CT3 Foundation was created to help kids going through life-altering diseases and is something Taylor has remained passionate about for a very long time (via Whistle).

“I recently started the CT3 Foundation, focusing on helping kids with cancer. Last year we did a virtual concert featuring Brad Paisley, Jake Owens, and Scotty McCreery, and we raised a bunch of money for the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters and the Roc Solid Foundation. Both are based out of the Virginia Beach area.”

The passion to help kids is something anyone can empathize with, but Taylor’s passions go deeper and hits closer to his personal life.

“One of my best friends, Kyle Profilet, that I grew up with recently passed away of osteosarcoma. He was one of the toughest guys I know and one of my best friends. Going through that with him was kind of the driving force in trying to do something about it.”

Like most of the MLB, Taylor remains one of the good guys and knows helping kids in need will always be bigger than the game. Those interactions go a long way and remain core memories for young kids who struggle with diseases early on in life.

No one deserves to see their loved ones go through something like that, and with the motivation for Taylor to create this foundation, it only means more kids can be helped. Don’t ever change Chris Taylor.

To find out more about the organization, be sure to visit The CT3 Foundation.

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