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Clayton Kershaw Shares Feedback on OKC Rehab Assignment

The reports are in on Clayton Kershaw’s rehab start at AAA Oklahoma City. Indeed, things did not go ideally for the veteran left-handed pitcher.

However, there’s reason for optimism. After all, it was just a tune-up start; and there’s no reason to think that Kershaw won’t see some positive gains in his next start. Moreover, Kershaw spoke with Alanna Rizzo of SportsNet LA to talk through what he thought and felt during the outing.

Kershaw said that all things considered, he feels good.

“It was a good first step. I made it through and feel good about it – I think I feel healthy.”

Furthermore – if you are concerned that Kershaw didn’t sound more emphatic – he probably didn’t want to seem glossy after a subpar outing. Kershaw allowed two runs, a home run, and four hits in four innings of work on Thursday evening.

Rizzo asked Kershaw if facing live hitters helps more than pitching in a simulated game. Surely, Kershaw agreed that this will have him further along when the time comes to take next steps.

“Sim games are great to get your pitch counts up and things like that. Actually pitching against another team and having a start time, dealing with other hitters, it’s good to get in a game-like atmosphere.”

All things considered, this just sounds like a veteran big league pitcher who was working on things. Sure, Kershaw could have came out and been spotless. With that being said, it’s probably not time to hit the panic button. It’s possible that Kershaw was not going 110% and just working on different things during the outing. The most important outing for him is the next one.

Clayton Kershaw Hit Hard in Rehab Outing

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  1. I still say Clayton has one more Cy and one more ERA title ahead; whether this year or in the future remains to be seen.

  2. He may be injured, yet again, but he has not lost his popularity……..Lines for some concession stands stretched for nearly an hour during Kershaw’s appearance in OKC.

  3. Clint – do you know why Kelly was removed after one batter yesterday, since the ball hit only his glove?

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