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Dodgers News: Clayton Kershaw Hopes for Free Agent Returns

The Dodgers’ offseason is just starting. L.A. kept Rich Hill, while Kenley Jansen and Justin Turner’s circumstances remain stagnant.

Clayton Kershaw spoke with Alanna Rizzo of Spectrum SportsNet LA about his two ex-teammates. He commended them, but acknowledged there’s a business aspect that could prevent their returns.

“Obviously they’re awesome players … They’ve got a lot of teams wanting them and if I had it my way, I’d sign them all back, but sometimes that’s not how it works. Kenley and J.T., I love them to death and I definitely hope to see them back.”

Kershaw’s politically correct comments are what one would expect: praise both, but don’t go out on a limb to get fans’ hopes up. Kershaw has played with both multiple seasons now, so his comments about keeping them are probably genuine.

Even Yasiel Puig, who has had his share of clubhouse drama, is doing his part.

Jansen’s wedding obviously has delayed his and Turner’s free agency decision. But it’s probably safe to assume Puig and other teammates present were trying to convince them to stay. After all, #LoveForFamily.

Kershaw also talked about the birth of his second child and the return of Rich Hill. The interview can be seen in its entirety here.

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  1. CK is not the only guy that is hoping upon hope that JT and KJ returns to Dodgers.  I can almost guarantee this team won’t be competitive without at least 1 of those returning.  If Kenley goes elsewhere, that means Dodgers may be forced to deal top prospects they otherwise would not do in order to get a closer and this whole scenario could have been avoided in the first place with some more intelligent signings since before 2015.

  2. A poster on another Dodger message board summed it up well in regards to this FO’s payroll concerns:
    The organization will pay Carl Crawford almost $22 million for a 2017 season he won’t be playing…Brett Anderson was given almost $16 million for pitching 11 1/3 innings this past season…McCarthy has received $25 million for 13 starts in the last two seasons, and he will still be owed another $23 million….Money, oh money, where are you going?

  3. Draft pick compensation is killing their thought process in my opinion. Waiting to sign Kenley until  the price becomes astronomical just doesn’t make any sense to me. Negotiations could have started months ago.

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