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Dodgers News: Clayton Kershaw On Yu Darvish, The World Series, And More!

Clayton Kershaw recently joined Dallas radio station The Ticket KTCK to talk about a wide range of topics. After briefly discussing Kershaw’s relationship with Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, they got into baseball talk.

When asked about what happens when he’s having a tough day on the mound, Clayton had this to say:

That happens more than you’d like it to, for sure. I think that’s part of being a starting pitcher. They always say 30 starts a year, 10 starts you’re going to dominate, 10 starts you’re going to be terrible, and those 10 starts in between are going to make or break your season is kind of what they say. I don’t buy that for a second.

The way you compete, the way you go about it, you’re not going to have good stuff all the time, but you can out-compete the other team, and that’s what I try and tell high school kids.

Later, the host asked Clayton how he feels about Yu Darvish.

Yeah, Yu’s awesome. I think he was great when he came over. He speaks great English, so I got to talk to him a lot. He’s actually my throwing partner this offseason, we’ve been throwing every day. It’s been great to get to know him. That World Series was tough, but nobody remembers the start against the Diamondbacks, or that start against the Cubs that got us to the World Series. I mean, he was dominant for us.

Kershaw was then asked if losing game seven lingered and Kershaw responded simply with “for sure.” Then he was asked if it will stick with him long term and he was brutally honest with his answer.

Yeah, I think so. People say you need to get over it and wait for next season and they’re probably right, but it’s just so hard. You can not think about it, but when you start thinking about it you just were one game away from winning the World Series. When you start thinking about that, it makes it a little harder. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not quite there, yet. Spring training’s coming up soon, so I guess I’ve got to get over it.

Finally, Kershaw was asked about getting to pitch in game seven of the World Series.

Oh man, hopefully looking back on it someday I can appreciate getting to pitch in game seven. As a kid you always dream about making it to the big leagues but you don’t dream about getting to play in a World Series. At least I didn’t. I just wanted to get to play baseball so to get to do that is a really special thing.

You can listen to the full interview here.

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  1. I truly respect his honesty. He and whole team did very well in 2017. I saw every series that was televised and I was blessed to see him and team play in person while on vacation to Los Angeles in July against San Francisco. The series was Epic. Kyle Farmer no hitter in overtime was great. The beating Arizona, Chicago was magnificent. Giving the Astros a true run for money kept me glued to the television. But yes, Clayton, you and Yu move on from this dramatic close. God, wants you to learn from your mistakes never look back, keep moving forward. You are the best in baseball, with major credit to Darvish, Hill, Maeta, Marrow, Cingrani, and Jansen for the best season that I have ever seen in many years. God bless you all. Go Los Angeles!

    1. Well “Marrow” is gone now and “Maeta ” is going back to the rotation and I guess I completely missed Kyle Farmers no hitter. Somehow I doubt God has little to no interest in baseball, bigger fish to fry,.

  2. This guy is so awesome! It would be a huge bummer if he moves on in ’19. Hopefully, he will just want a few more years and not the entire kingdom to re-sign. BTW, every kid hwo plays baseball dreams of pitching in game 7 of the WS just like every kid who plays basketball dreams of making the winning shot for the championship!!!

  3. If Darvish can remedy his tipping pitches .. and accept a nominal cut in pay.. Friedman might keep him. I’m not sure if Darvish will stay, due to his contract demands. Friedman WILL NOT go over the luxury tax. Btw.. Where does the luxury tax $$ go?

    1. Friedman acts like it’s his money. To hell with the luxury tax. If that skinflint thinks Darvish will take a pay cut to stay then he’s delusional. The team has regressed this winter with him letting important players walk. They weren’t good enough to win it all last year and subtracting instead of adding certainly won’t help this year. Oy vay Friedman.

  4. I do not agree the Team has gone backward. We have essentially the Team we started with Last Year except for Adrian Gonzales. Toles is back as is Thompson so more competition for the Outfield. Forsythe has a year in Blue and was handicapped with injury issues most of the year. He showed what he can do in the Playoffs. Barnes is showing he may be the starting catcher. Turner is now a year from the knee micro-surgery. Ryu is now in a recovery range (over 18months from shoulder surgery) to see if he can regain his velocity and be the pitcher he was prior to the injury. We picked up Alexander. Liberatore is back as is Yimi Garcia. Buehler may or may not be ready and Urias should be back by August. I really like this team. Plus Kershaw was downgraded on National ratings and between that and his possible opt out year should give him the drive to truly dominate! We have Wood, Hill, and Maeda in the rotation and a dogfight for #5 slot. We are all good!!! Go Blue Bring on 2018…

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