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Dodgers News: Clayton Kershaw Plays Catch, Julio Urias Starts Monday, and More!

With pitchers like Hyun-Jin Ryu, Clayton Kershaw, and others out of commission due to injuries, the Dodgers have been reaching for players who can fill out the starting rotation. They have called up players from the minors, such as the fan favorite Julio Urias, as well as acquired and traded for pitching, like they did for Bud Norris and Rich Hill. Well today Dodger fans were given hope that the Dodgers struggles may soon be over.

Clayton Kershaw was spotted today throwing catch out in left field, which is something he hasn’t done in weeks.

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Clayton Kershaw was recently placed on the 60-day disabled list which caused fans to worry that his injury may be season-ending. Thankfully, the fact that he is now picking up a ball shows that his back is improving and his rehabilitation might commence. When asked about Kershaw’s return, manager Dave Roberts sounded confident that Kershaw would be back helping the team in September!

Along with Kershaw playing catch, it was announced on Sunday that Julio Urias will be getting the start on Monday. Roberts was fairly adamant about Urias staying a bullpen arm due to his innings limit for the season but, with the fall of Bud Norris, the team is desparate. The team also has Rich Hill scheduled to start on Friday. His scheduled start for Sunday was scratched due to the emergence of a small new blister on his finger.

Lastly the Dodgers placed Trayce Thompson on the 60-day disabled list to make room for Rob Segedin, who will be making his Dodger debut out in Left Field. The team also optioned Chris Taylor to OKC, though Roberts says he thinks that Taylor will be back.

A lot of moves for the Dodgers on this Sunday afternoon, but many show signs that the club is headed in the right direction, that is, with the exception of Trayce Thomspon placed on he 60-day DL. Nonetheless, a win on Sunday will move the club only 1 game behind the Giants. Hopefully, they can continue to play the great baseball they have been playing in spite of all the adversity.

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  1. McCarthy not knowing where his fastball is going for the second start in a row is very bad news…I would keep Stripling in the lineup. He could stretch out and give us 7 innings which would help tremendously. If the offense can continue until Kershaw and possibly Anderson are back we might have a helluva a rotation come September. Grandal can hit when he is healthy they simply need to use Ellis a bit to keep Grandal fit.
    Hopefully Reddick will hit eventually. If Reddick is going well with Kendrick, Turner Gonzo, Seager and hopefully a fit Grandal and whoever they play in LF the line up becomes very long and formidable to pitch through for 9 innings. 
    Urias is an amazing talent  and will eventually learn better command so as to not waste pitches so he can pitch into the 7th or 8th innings. I am very confident Honecutt is working on him. Urias has improved with experience. Would love to see DeLeon instead of the scrubs the Front Office have signed. Norris is not a above average pitcher hi is mediocre at best. Kazmir is very erratic. We need consistent performances. Thankfully Maeda has been good. He is very impressive as he is learning the league I am sure he will be improved next year as he learns how to adapt and change his pitches in the second and third round through the order.
    The Great News is it is August 8th and we are 1 game back in the West and have a 4-6 game cushion in the WC race. We play Philly and the Giants play Miami at home so we have a chance to catch them after this series….
    Huge Props to Mgr Dave Roberts and his Team of coaches. Their Next Man Up philosophy and the Gritty style of play is great to see and watch. With the amount of injury through every type of player on this team and to be in the playoff hunt is amazing…

    If Hill can be dominant as he has been lately a rotation of Kershaw, Maeda and Hill in the playoffs would match up well against anyone if hill is for real…

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