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Dodgers News: Clayton Kershaw’s Uncertain Future, Astros Players React to LA Fans, Scherzer’s Deadline Choice, and More!

SThis week was pretty nuts to be a Dodgers fan. Not only did the Astros come into town, but they also got to watch their 2 biggest trade acquisitions make their debuts. It was definitely an exciting time to be a fan in Los Angeles. 

With that, let’s jump into the biggest headlines surrounding your favorite LA baseball team this past week! 

Astros players got a rude welcoming when they showed up to Los Angeles on Tuesday, and they weren’t afraid to talk about it. One Houston pitcher even talked about how he saw Astros fans getting things thrown at them in the stands. 

Dodgers: Astros Players Reflect on Hostile Environment in Los Angeles

The Dodgers went out and surprised absolutely no one by signing LHP Cole Hamels to a deal this week. Hamels won’t be ready until September, but Dave Roberts seems to have a good idea of what role he will play with the team.

Dodgers News: Los Angeles Signs Veteran LHP Pitcher Cole Hamels

That Hamels signing is important because there is still a lot of uncertainty with Clayton Kershaw. The veteran southpaw has yet to pick up a ball after being shut down, even though he was supposed to be ready by the Angels series. Things are very murky with Kersh

Dodgers News: Uncertainty Looming For Clayton Kershaw

Trevor Bauer’s legal team released more text messages this week. We’ll let you read up on those on your own. 

Dodgers: Andrew Friedman ‘Spooked’ by Padres’ Pursuit of Max Scherzer

Max Scherzer sort of held his fate in his own hands at the trade deadline. He had the full no-trade right, and here is why he chose the Dodgers over the Padres. Sort of. 

Dodgers: Andrew Friedman ‘Spooked’ by Padres’ Pursuit of Max Scherzer

Speaking of Scherzer, Andrew Friedman admitted that he was a little spooked by the Padres pursuit of him. But that didn’t stop the President of Baseball Operations from putting together a great deal for both sides. 

Dodgers: Andrew Friedman ‘Spooked’ by Padres’ Pursuit of Max Scherzer

All of that news and so much more from your favorite team! Check back in with us daily as we bring you the latest news, rumors, transactions, player interviews, and so much more! 

Dodgers News: Justin Turner Exits the Game With Apparent Injury


  1. Throwing debris onto your field= classless
    Screaming obscenities towards players = classless

    It’s humorous to see a bunch of intoxicated pieces of human excrement acting like fools.
    I would be willing to bet the majority couldn’t stand 5 minutes of that type of behavior.

    It’s like local loudmouth and all around scumbag, Joe Dirt Kelly, he isn’t anything more than a little loudmouth. Any player, starting or bench old whip that little spineless worm.

    1. Asstro fans are so whiney that have no shame in trying to play the victim card. You aren’t worthy of carrying Joe Kelly’s jockstrap. Frauds.

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