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Dodgers News: Cody Bellinger Could Be Headed for the Injured List Without Improvement

The 2021 season has not been kind to the Dodgers and their overall health. They’ve already lost a few players for decent chunks of the year, and are still taking hits when they’re getting healthy. That would include Cody Bellinger. 

The superstar outfielder missed 46 games with a fractured fibula after being stepped on in the second series of the year. Bellinger returned to the Dodgers lineup at the end of May and was just starting to find his groove. Then he felt something tighten up in his leg on Friday night and has been out since. 

According to Dave Roberts, the initial diagnosis of cramping might not be accurate. The Dodgers were hoping that his condition would improve quickly, but it has not. Because of that, they’re considering an IL sting for him. 

If he can’t play on Wednesday, I think we’ll just retro him and see where we are.  …The reality is, yeah, you’re getting guys back and you’d like to think you’re going to be healthy the rest of the way. But that’s just not the way it always works. So we’re just dealing with it as things come – but it does feel like it’s coming up quite often.

The timing is pretty rough for Bellinger and the Dodgers. Over his last 9 games this month, Bellinger is hitting .303 and cutting down his strikeout rate. Given that he plays the outfield most of the time, a hamstring issue could prove to be a serious hurdle to overcome. 

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Doc added that the best-case scenario was him returning to the lineup on Wednesday. That suggests that Bellinger absolutely will not be in the Dodgers lineup tonight against Philly. He did some pregame work on Monday that included running and agility drills, but there will need to be an improvement. 

We’ll all be hoping for the best. 

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  1. While the Dodgers will do just fine without his .220ish bat, last night’s game clearly illustrated the need for his glove! Get well soon.

    1. Tim, if Dodgers have a quick exit come October or miss the PS altogether, it mainly will be due the overly excessive amount of injuries that quite frankly may not be able to be overcome.

      1. Azul, I agree with you totally. In all of my 65 years rooting for the Blue, I have never seen us beset by this number of injuries. Our only hope is to play with confidence, hope that our youngsters can produce in the clutch, and wait until Seager and Bells come back. I do wonder how much last season’s abbreviated schedule contributed to this rash of injuries.
        Only PD Jr. knows for sure, and he is not saying!!!! Stay well my friend!!!! Go Blue!!!

        1. Concur BLOU LOU! But as Dodger 1955 says, it’s pathetic to see this Dodger lineup struggle this much against LHP. Teams know this so in later innings expect a lefty reliever to be brought in to face them, as well as starting a LHP against this team whenever possible.

          1. Absolutely correct, Azul!!!!! And this is something management must address. I am anxiously anticipating our next series with the Giants (who are ready for a “June swoon”). Hopefully, we get Seager back, and someone who can aid us in the BP. Go Blue!!!

  2. I’ll give DR some credit for managing through all these injuries. The usual knock on DR is for unnecessary changes to lineup, but it is kind of a moving target right now.

  3. This team just can’t hit. This lineup is pathetic right now. Any good lefty will shut us down. We make average pitchers look like Cy Young winners. Going to be a long season.

  4. Oh man I was just getting use to Cody back in the lineup. Maybe it will go away. I wonder how much pain there is.If it like a charlie horse it is very painful. If that is all it will go away

  5. Let Cody play 1st base and when hitting, instruct him not to run to 1st on any ground ball in the infield. If he gets an extra base hit, stop at first base. It’s better than nothing, and Raley and Burns so far are NOTHING. Albert is OK for lefties, so sit Cody against lefties at 1st and play Albert.

  6. Mel, I agree with you re DR and his managing technique. Anyone who can keep a group of wealthy players happy, soothe fragile egos, and win with regularity is alright in my book. Roberts is just right for this group. Go Blue!!!

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