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Dodgers News: Cody Bellinger Could See Time at Triple-A When the Minor League Season Starts

The Dodgers are taking small steps towards getting their roster healthy again. While they’re still a long way out from being 100 percent, they could be getting one major piece back in the coming weeks. 

Cody Bellinger is recovering from a small fracture in his leg sustained in the second series of the season. The Dodgrs outfielder has slowly progressed towards being able to take at-bats, and seeing lie pitching is his next big step.

Bellinger is in Arizona right now while the team plays on their road trip in Milwaukee. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts did say that it was possible for Cody to take at-bats in Oklahoma City when the minor league season starts next week.

Again, I don’t know enough as far as right now up to the minute where he’s at. Kind of thinking out loud, I would say that he’ll go to OKC or wherever. Wherever we can get him live at-bats. Whatever is best for Cody and gets him ready for us, that’s what we’ll end up doing. 

The main thing is that the Dodgers want to make sure he is getting live at-bats. So if he can get more opportunities while in Arizona, there is a chance that he could remain there as well. It’s not clear how many at-bats they’re looking to get out of him.

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For the moment, the Dodgers have had to survive with a lot of young talent to help them in the outfield Getting back Gavin Lux did make it so that Chris Taylor could spend more time in the outfield though. 

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  1. After the Dodgers got Pujoled on Mookie Betts, they must be praying for Cody to come back strong because Mookie like Giancarlo Stanton and Pujols is among the most overpaid and over rated one season wonders making 30 million per year.

    1. Lmao how is Mookie a one year wonder he’s a top 5 player in baseball for 7 years.

  2. Every game I have seen this year and spring training too have given me a lot of excitement. Remember, who is the best? Everyone wants to play the Dodgers and for good reason, their the best. Stars and superstars. I can’t wait until tomorrow. I love it

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