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Dodgers News: Cody Bellinger to Play Centerfield; Pollock Moves to Left

The Dodgers will be switching up their defense as they try to find the best possible team to field in the playoffs.

Due to A.J. Pollock’s struggles in centerfield this season, the Dodgers decided to make a change. Now, Cody Bellinger is going to play mostly centerfield down the stretch, according to manager Dave Roberts.

The move will be a major upgrade to the defense as Bellinger is one of the best defensive outfielders in baseball.

It also opens up a spot for Gavin Lux to make the postseason roster as a second baseman since Max Muncy will slide back over to first base.

If Lux doesn’t make the playoff roster, we could see more lineups with Muncy at second and David Freese at first.

Either way, getting Pollock out of centerfield was a much needed move for the defense. He currently ranks 132 of 162 outfielders (minimum 50 chances) with -4 outs above average (OOA). Bellinger is ranked 15th with 7 OAA.

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  1. This is the first sighting in 2+ years that Roberts and the FO are looking at a stable lineup and, hopefully batting order, heading into Sept and the playoffs. Muncy is in no one’s imagination a second baseman. While he makes an occasional good play, his range is limited. Lux at 2b with Muncy (and Freese for some ABs and rest for Max) makes more sense. Plus, as stated in the article, makes for a more solid defensive OF.

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