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Dodgers News: Commemorative Jackie Robinson Day Cleats to Be Worn by Adidas Players

Jackie Robinson Day is fast approaching, and it will arrive on Friday, April 15. In an effort to honor the former Brooklyn Dodgers legend, Adidas has chosen to put out a special cleat for all of their players to wear on that special day. It’s a really awesome idea, and a really fantastic design.

The shoes will not be made available for purchase by the public, but Adidas players such as Kris Bryant and Carlos Correa will be wearing the special cleats on that Friday. The cleats feature a few awesome things, including his number, a mural of Robinson sliding into home, and a few quotes of his.

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From Darren Rovell, an ESPN senior writer:

Two quotes from Robinson are on the cleats sock liner: “Above anything else, I hate to lose” and “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”

Pretty awesome. The shoes stand as just a special reminder to how much Jackie Robinson meant not only to the Dodgers, but to the game of baseball, as well. Robinson is a Hall of Famer in game, name, and fame. He will forever be idolized and memorialized, so these cleats are a truly wonderful thing.

Those things really are gorgeous. Other notable Adidas baseball players are Carlos Gomez, Josh Harrison, and the Upton brothers. All of them will be wearing these special cleats, so it is a pretty great and fitting tribute to one of the game’s most highly-influential players, and one of society’s true champions.

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