Dodgers News: Commissioner Manfred Upset with 10-day DL Usage

In an interview on Tuesday morning, Commissioner Rob Manfred addressed his issues with how teams are manipulating the use of the 10-day disabled list.

This was almost certainly a peck at the Dodgers who have been using the 10-day disabled list just about weekly all season. This is the first season that the 10-day disabled list has been in place as it converted from the 15-day disabled list that we have seen in year’s past.

It is possible that teams are using it to rest tired or struggling players without real injuries so they can bring up fresh players from the minors.

Bottom line is that Rob Manfred is upset and the Dodgers are the obvious leading culprit behind it.

With any new rule, there is going to be loopholes and  exploitation that will need to be polished or fixed. Manfred could construct some sort of policy that injuries need to be looked at closer by Major League Baseball before they can be made official for a disabled list stint.

There is nothing that he can do this season, but look out in the future for additions or different changes to the disabled list policy.

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  1. Seeing how I see more teams are using the 10 day dl for to give starting pitchers a chance to skip a turn and recover from minor injuries that in the past wouldn’t have been skipped, I would be very curious at the end of the season to see the number of starting pitchers lost to longer or season ending injuries compared to previous years numbers. Up into this season it seemed like the number of long term injuries to starting pitchers has been on the rise. If the 10 day dl seems to help keep starter pitchers healthy I can’t see teams lining up to have that rule changed. Quality pitchers are not the easiest to come by

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