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Dodgers News: Comprehensive Broadcast Team Update For 2019

A team’s broadcast group is an important aspect of an organization. This is the group that will be with us like family for the greater part of eight months out of the year. They will spend holidays in your home, so you better get to know them and like them.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have had a sweep of news in this realm of late. Now, we are here to give you all that’s out there about the 2019 Dodgers broadcast team.

Charley Steiner

The biggest (and best) news of the week to some was veteran Charley Steiner signing a three-year contract extension with the Dodgers through 2021. Still, a contingency of the Dodger-fan faithful pretends that they don’t like Steiner. His almost home run calls drive you crazy. If you’re being honest – you would miss Steiner if he was gone. Moreover, Steiner is part of the fabric that makes Dodger baseball great. His voice is still synonymous to the big moment with me – and his presence is felt. Emphatically, I was happy to see this news break a few days ago.

However, Steiner will be on a reduced schedule beginning next season.

Tim Neverett Joins, Kevin Kennedy Exits

The Dodgers added Tim Neverette to the broadcast team, Ken Gurnick of reports. Neverett has spent the past three years with the Boston Red Sox organization. He has also spent time as the voice of the Colorado Rockies and AAA Las Vegas.

Here is a direct quote from the story regarding Neverett:

“We’re excited to welcome Tim to our broadcast team and know Dodgers fans will appreciate his knowledge, passion and insight on the air,” said Lon Rosen, the Dodgers’ executive vice president and chief marketing officer. “The Dodgers are also thrilled that Charley will continue to be part of the team’s broadcasts for years to come. We think the addition of Tim along with Charley, Joe and our talented group of analysts and reporters will continue to treat Dodgers fans to one of the best broadcasts in baseball.”

At the same time, a familiar face in Kevin Kennedy exits. Kennedy will still be heard on Sirius XM radio where he has been for 15 years.

The Dodgers did not renew the contract of Kevin Kennedy, who had filled in as a color analyst on radio broadcasts the last five years. Analyst Rick Monday shifted to play-by-play duties during Kennedy’s appearances. He will remain an analyst alongside Steiner and Neverett in 2019.

Kennedy will return to MLB Network Radio on Sirius XM in 2019, his 15th year with the network.

In all, a lot of news for the broadcast team that will be in front of you in 2019. Ever-changing, the Dodgers have done their best to give you the best team underneath crown gems Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser for the coming year.

Just thinking about being ‘Steinered’ again next spring has me excited.Tommy Lasorda on Sunday Night Football

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  1. Wow….anyone who has anything positive to say about Charlie Steiner’s play-by-play baseball abilities belongs in his same category: awful! Inning after inning of factual errors, how many outs, even who is up or in what position in the outfield. The guy is brain dead and should be an extremely reduced schedule: at my request. Pathetic. Kevin Kennedy was the best caller they had.

    1. I agree completely. Steiner gets tongue-tied and cannot call the action. You will hear nothing from him but you know something has happened. He fancies himself hilarious. He is wrong. Kennedy is a fine analyst, but with the general dumbing down nowadays, I guess his style didn’t fly. I met him at the stadium a few years back and he was so appreciative that we liked him. Anyone who thinks Steiner is great probably also thinks McDonald’s has the best burgers and Domino’s has great pizza.

  2. Steiner & Nomad as a broadcast team are far my money the best the Dodgers have. I’m a firmer college player, and lifelong Dodger fan who misses Ross Porter. I find Davis and Orel unwatchable–i switch to Steamers radio call. Davis clearly hired just to push management’s saber-metric money ball agenda ti the world–the very thing that lost them a world series to a team that played old school baseball.

    1. Daniel, I concur here about what cost Dodgers the WS, meaning their ludicrous over the top saber- metric philosophy. It means to me anyway that management is as much to blame for how they handled things in the WS as are the players. As far as broadcasting I wish Rick Monday could be part of the TV broadcasts to be honest.

  3. I can’t take Steiner saying “there IS two outs” ever again. But I’ll have to, because I sure as hell cant watch the games on TV anymore.

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