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Dodgers News: Corey Seager Exits with “Grade 2 Plus” Hamstring Injury

The Dodgers took two losses against the Angels on Tuesday night as shortstop Corey Seager was taken out of the game with an apparent hamstring injury in the top of the ninth inning.

Seager was running to third base after a single from Alex Verdugo when he reached for his hamstring and started limping.

He was able to walk off the field under his own power and was replaced on the bases by Kyle Garlick.

Seager has been one of the Dodgers best hitters over the past month, so hopefully it isn’t too serious. He came into the game hitting .270/.351/.464 with a 117 wRC+ before adding three more hits.


Corey Seager will have an MRI tomorrow but the early results show a Grade 2 plus strain of his hamstring, according to Manager Dave Roberts.

“We’ll know more once he gets a test tomorrow, the MRI,” Roberts said. “But obviously it’s very unfortunate with the way he’s been playing and what he means to our ballclub. So as far as timetable, we’ll know more tomorrow.”

Seager is expected to go on the IL and will likely miss a decent amount of time. Expect Matt Beaty to be activated while Chris Taylor takes over as the primary shortstop, according to Bill Plunkett.

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  1. Mr. Friedman, if you read any of these comments, the Dodgers was obtain better right hand hitters at the trade deadline if you want the team to progress in October.Freeze is fine but Barnes, Hernandez and Taylor will hurt us in the playoffs against the likes of Hamels,Qintano,Lester,Keuchel and ,Fried to name a few.If we ‘re lucky enough to make to the next level.,Miley,Paxton,Sabathia,Happ,Sale,Price, and Rodriquez. Hernandez was awful in the World Series last year ,Barnes has no power and Taylor strikes out a ton because is too far away from home plate and is easy prey for sliders and curve balls away. . The bullpen is a mess and needs a quality lefthander and righthander hard throwers who can throw strikes. I would bring up Lux right now while Seager is hurt ,transfer Cingrani to the 60 day IL and add Lux to the 40 man roster.There is lots of work to be done Mr. Friedman if the Dodgers really want to win a World Series..

      1. He’s exactly right, Ticman. If Dodgers don’t do something to balance out where the run production comes from we will perhaps be able to win the division but will be bounced in the first round, but mainly if FO does nothing to improve the BP.

  2. With the Dodgers only scoring 2-3 runs over the last few games, losing Seager for 4-6 weeks is downright depressing. He and Max were the only Dodgers to hit in the last several games. We should not be struggling against the last place Giants or the Angels. Since the team has been pathetic by leaving tons of runners on base lately, I am concerned about scoring runs while Seager is out. Jock is struggling along with Alex, Bellinger, Taylor, and Kiki. Taylor left 9 runners on base last night. The Dodgers as a teams left like 28 runners on base last night against the Angels.
    Now, we have the Cubs for 4 home games. We struggle against the Cubs lately and I fear that they may take 3 of the 4 games from us with the slump LA is in, and no Seager.

  3. For those of use without a medical degree, how about explaining a ‘Grade 2 plus’ stain?

  4. Tough break, but everyone has injuries. The Dodgers will be fine over the long run of the season. The main thing is getting Seager back in July and prepping for the post-season. Contrary to what one poster says, there isn’t much work to be done. Add one solid reliever in July and ride things out until Seager and Pollock return. All is well in Dodgerland. This team’s problems are less than every other team.

  5. I noticed a few games ago that Cory looked like he injured something but he shrugged it off and told the coach he was alright. Now I bring up the Idea again if your hurt tell someone that matters. take care of the problem asap! That injury caused us to lose at least a run in that inning. he was ready to score running full stride.

  6. Let me ask someone who may be here this question…Did Seager do his due diligence before the game by warming up and doing the necessary proper stretching in order to avoid this injury? In any event I am seeing a lot of the 2018 Dodgers as far as striking out a ton and leaving the world full of RISP.

  7. Right about leaving too many runners on. Still, the need in the long run is relief pitching. Hitting has a way of coming around. Health issues addressed in July and August should be helpful in September onward. Pitching is still 75 per cent of the game and has to be fortified if The Dodgers are to make a run at the Series..

  8. The present Dodger roster is constructed to finish first in a weak National League West,not to winning the World Series. Andrew has lots of work to do before July 31 with decisions on the bullpen an everyday catcher and a more balanced lineup with quality right hand hitting..Barnes ,Taylor and Hernandez are not the answer.

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