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Dodgers News: Corey Seager Expected to Sign Before December

The new Collective Bargaining Agreement puts a little extra pressure on players and teams this year. With so much uncertainty surrounding negotiations, no one really knows when clubs and free agents will look to sign. That’s something the Dodgers will have to keep in mind. 

The expectation was initially that free agents would wait for the new deal to be in place to sign a contract. With a more player-friendly CBA likely, it made sense. But even Dodgers President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman sort of dispelled that last month. 

In a report from ESPN’s Jeff Passan this morning, he suggested the market could pick up for big names. Passan suggested that agents for high-profile players are requiring teams to go all-in on players BEFORE the new deal, avoiding the late push for players. That includes Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager. 

The fallout is a sense that Corey Seager, the magnificent Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop, and Marcus Semien, the dynamic Toronto infielder, are increasingly likely to sign before December 1, executives interested in both players told ESPN.

Where Seager ends up signings is anyone’s guess at this point. There are obviously teams interested, but for the moment, the Dodgers don’t really seem to be any sort of frontrunner to land his services again. But that could change. 

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There is also a very big question surrounding the size of the contract that Seager will demand. But if the Dodgers have any plans on keeping Trea Turner around for the foreseeable future, you would have to imagine they will be priced out of Seager’s market. 

We could have our answers very soon.

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    1. And if he gets his $300+ million deal with Texas or another team that doesn’t figure to contend or even make it to a .500 record, he can’t rightfully complain at all because he and agent Boras are chasing the best $$$ contract possible first and foremost or so it appears. And if that’s the case, no whining allowed.

      1. How can anyone blame him. Seager sealed the MVP’s from the NLCS and WS….He has a ring………..Time to get fat , sit back and watch his kids grow up….He has done something the old fashioned way, he EARNED it…….Thank you Seager for giving us a title, and being a TRUE Dodger……..

      1. Paul, at this point I’ve learned to just laugh at Drrrrrrrrrr. It saves me a lot of T.V’s, and also brooms to sweep up the shattered glass. Another year of Drrrrrr is another year lost. Your saying has always been a accurate depiction , mine in simple terms is ” Drrrrrrr get’s Less with More!!””””

  1. A 2021 season .306 BA .910 SLG — gets your team in the playoffs with a great run differential and record.

    A Postseason .186 BA .375 SLG — Has your team going home in the playoffs.

    The question becomes….How much do you pay for a shortstop to get you IN the playoffs only?

  2. Seager says he grew up around Dodger baseball all his life. Let’s see how greed makes you forget about Dodger Blue and green will make you colorblind. Every person playing today is a greedy overpaid sloth. As are the owners who make baseball almost ruled out by most who save up just to go see one game a year. $15 dollar beers and hotdogs. Bullshit in my book. This world is full of too much greed and not enough of the true love of the game…

  3. Well said players and owners have priced us out of going to a game ! I used to be able to take myself the wife and kids almost every home game in Seattle when the Mariners came into the league for about $10.-20.00 a night including food we took from the local ARCO including parking! Now I do NOT think you can buy a ticket for that !! I was at Dodgers stadium when Vinny Retired $40 for ticket $20.0 0 for parking! $12. for Dodgers Dog $13 for Coca Cola! Plus souveniers ! What is MLB NFL OR NBA coming to? Priced us out of 1 game a season!! oh well Thanks GREEDY owners and players! My kids knew all of the players and they got autographs and FREE tickets from the playerS! What a day we live in now!

  4. I have said it for a LONG time now. Kasten & Co, might like to think they are doing all these upgrades “for the fans.” NOT!! They are doing it for themselves.

  5. It seems as if it was a lifetime ago, when Alice Cooper was @ one of the games eating a DodgerDog.

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