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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Confirms Some Rookie Playoff Spots

Dave Roberts made it clear that the Dodgers would not be where they are today without youth. He is is referring to the arrival of young guys like Tony Gonsolin, Will Smith, Matt Beaty, and Dustin May, to name a few. Roberts confirmed that at least a few of those guys will make the NLDS roster.

Gavin Lux made his much anticipated major league debut earlier this month with a shot to crack the NLDS roster. It looks like he has done just that, going 18 for 75 and hitting 2 home runs with a total of 7 extra-base hits. He will likely join fellow young guns Matt Beaty and Will Smith(at a minimum) as the rookies on this young looking lineup.

Dustin May and Tony Gonsolin have still not been confirmed by Roberts at this point. Roberts did hint at possibly carrying13 pitchers though, leaving room for just a 4-man bench.


  1. The rookie they need, he is the guy who is not here or even mentioned anymore………Verdugo!

      1. Robin…….I think he had hurt his back……….think that is what crept up and kept him from returning from the IL stint……….he is fighting some kind of back problem.

  2. latest:
    Gonsolin has been left off.
    Yet Stripling is in.

    Dave Roberts never fails to make mistakes.

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