Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Garners Incredible Social Media Response

Anytime news is made in Los Angeles, it’s going to spread rapidly. Throw in the viral nature of social media and the Dodgers naming a manager received the kind of eruption of positive vibes for both the Dodgers organization and Dave Roberts.

We already saw Gabe Kapler’s reaction, but he was nowhere near alone.

First, Justin Turner sent a message to welcome his new coach:

Turner is recovering from knee surgery and is scheduled to be ready in plenty of time for Spring Training. I’m sure he’s stoked to finally know who’ll be managing him when he reports.

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Yasiel Puig sent a similar sentiment, and one would have to imagine few players on the Dodgers roster have as much at stake as Puig when it comes to getting along with his new coach.

Rumors about where Puig might wind up have dominated the news cycle recently, but if I was running the Dodgers, I’d do whatever I could to see if Puig and Roberts could find some common ground upon which to develop a more positive relationship than Don Mattingly was able to before making a personnel move.

In terms of social media capability, though, Brett Anderson (again) won in terms of responses from Dodgers. If you aren’t following Anderson, do so as soon as you possibly can. He’s great.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Brandon McCarthy chimed in.

Not to be outdone, though, Anderson got the last word in.

This was all fun, but the overriding sentiment is important to point out. That being: The overwhelming majority of people in and outside of the organization are incredibly pleased with the franchise’s choice. 

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