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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Hints at Using Options Outside of Cody Bellinger

Thursday was another day that Dodgers fans have come to expect out of Cody Bellinger. The former NL MVP has struggled all season long, and he continues to look lost every time that he steps into the batter’s box. 

And to be fair to him, it’s been a heck of a year for Cody. It was derailed by shoulder surgery, a break in his leg, and a hamstring issue that slowed him down. The Dodgers have had a tough time getting him going, and time is running out. 

Cody went 0-for-4 with 2 strikeouts on Thursday morning in the Dodgers loss in what was a very odd lineup. He hit in the 5th spot despite not having a hit in his last 24-at bats. He has not recorded a hit since August 31st. After the game, Dave Roberts admitted that the team might need to start looking at their options. 

Obviously, losing AJ was a loss, but there are some things he has to figure out. But also, I’ve got to take a look and see what gives us the best chance to win on a particular night. I’ll do that.

The loss of AJ Pollock drastically changed the plans for Bellinger, who was supposed to move to a platoon role. But Pollock forced the Dodgers hand and Bellinger has had to get regular at-bats with him out. 

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They have Matt Beaty at Triple-A, a guy that we all know can hit. And while Doc did say they are talking about pulling him up, he won’t fix everything. Beaty’s defensive limitations will make Doc need to get creative, and it might not be the best alignment. 

Still, Bellinger is just such a glaring hole in the lineup right now. Something has to change, and quick. 

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Hints at a Possible Matt Beaty Promotion Amid Team’s Offensive Struggles


  1. Let’s stop being “fair” to Bellinger. He has had a lot of injuries, but even when he wasn’t hurt, he hasn’t hit. He’s not been “on his game” since the All Star break of 2019. At the MLB level, there is no such thing as a “season long slump.” Professionals adjust, or they lose their job. He adjusted for half a season after his horrible 2017 WS. Yes, he’s still only 24, but he needs to go somewhere and just work on his hitting. Keeping him in the order and expecting his to snap out of it is killing the team.

    1. Kirk, just maybe he’s read our comments and those printed by the media But it’s about time anyway that he is not in the starting lineup. But bringing up Lux over Beaty? Really? Can you or someone explain that move to me? I welcome the assistance here.

      1. I will give it a (facetious) try…

        Bringing Beaty up over Lux would make too much sense; and, besides we should simply be grateful that Cody has finally been taken out of the starting lineup (no matter who replaces him.)

        Honestly, that is all I’ve got.

          1. Alright! So, we should see Beaty in the lineup today, I hope. Keep it moving, Dodgers. Time is of the essence and I believe that we can do this IF we do not waste any more time playing anything less than SMART ball. Let’s take this series against the Padres and get them hungry enough (for that second WC) to play hard against the Giants. Logically, it’s going to take more than the Dodgers winning (which we must do), to have even a chance to take the Division, we need other teams to know that the Giants are not invincible (although it certainly has seemed that way much of the season) and win some games against them. I love our Dodgers, but I do not want them to have to play that WC game if it is avoidable. Go Dodgers!!!

  2. Elmar J Fudd can hit better than Belinger..what a joke he is addition Elmar j Fudd can do a better coaching job also..

  3. Davey’s decisions, including playing Belli are incomprehensible. Resting 3 starters at once and fielding an outfield of gutless wonders is tantamount to gift wrapping the game. Nobody plays their JVs in a title run. Plus, it’s a slap in the face to the opposing team. Like saying we’re so good we can beat you with one hand tied behind our back. We have handed games away many times this year including at least 4 to the Giants. The Giants are in first place because they take every game seriously.

  4. Bellinger had a great start to his MLB career, and he had a great start to his MVP 2019 season. But he faded down the stretch, and as always he underperformed in the preseason. The dude is way overrated. Ship him to an AL team and move on with some decent prospects. He sucks.

  5. Why oh why can’t we get a manager like the Giants have? Bellinger may or may not have a future in baseball but in watching for over 60 years I have seen a player with his talent become useless at this young of an age. That said. I blame Roberts for putting him and the other no names in a line up that guarantees that the last 5 batters will be automatic outs. “Doc” (and I hate this name as it implies a smart or informed person) just needs to go.

  6. The Dodger team seems to be have a whole different attitude this year about winning , like some say , they feel they are going to take over first place , just a matter of time ,but guess what ? time is very quickly running out ! the enthusiasm does not seem to be as it once was , over the season it seems as though time has taken toll . In the PAST we had to worry about …KENLEY BLOWING the GAME in which many games he did ! The last few months its BELLINGER …KILLING A RALLY and repeating the same habits of failure and now along with Bellinger we have CT3 going back to his old habits , loop the swing , swinging at pitches he should be taking ,and not swinging at pitches he should be swinging at .I feel the Dodgers attitude is at one time KENLEY , OH HERE WE GO AGAIN ! NOW ITS BELLINGER IN THE GAME …WHY IS HE STARTING OTHER THAN HIS DEFENSE !!! So over the past year and now the present the…. MORALE…. is so low .So glad we have T.Turner and M.Scherzer they have helped considerably with the MORALE to an extent ! Maybe a team meeting should be held VERY SOON getting players opinions in secrecy or a full team meeting getting out all the grievances and letting ROBERTS and the FRONT OFFICE know just what the players feel and ,maybe just maybe get on the right track at the right time , time is running out for sure !

  7. Last night’s win was such a sigh of relief. Urias was just superb, Muncy blasted a bomb. Musgrove was really good. It was a good baseball game. Taylor’s Sac fly was good baseball, and a good AB. But the team still only manages 4 hits. Lux managed to take a walk which was a huge upgrade over a Bellinger AB, or a Mckinney AB..Roberts once again making a crazy line up move by putting Lux in left where Lux has NEVER played a game before in his life..Beaty has played left numerous times, and all be it I’m relieved Beaty was FINALLY put back where he belongs, Roberts still refuses to put his BEST offensive line up in action….

  8. So they finally bring Beatty up but still start Belli in CF. Roberts probably wanted to rest Beatty from that grueling hour airplane ride from OKC to LA. Roberts is the most incompetent manager I have ever seen. So many boneheaded moves I just can’t believe that the Dodgers have kept him. The Dodgers don’t win because of him but they do lose because of him. It came to a pinnacle of bad management with that lineup he used. If they don’t dump him I’m becoming a Zaire fan.

    1. Beaty finally saw a AB last night against Hudson who struck him out, then got Mookie and Muncy. Lux had a good night which was awesome. Was I the only one that said ” OMG, somebody delivered from the 7 spot?” Lux looked like a blind guy at a intersection in left, but that’s Roberts for ya. Just grateful Mckinley is resting that hip… GO DODGERS……..

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