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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Makes Not-So-Subtle Jab at San Diego Padres

The Dodgers and Padres are must-see TV. You have the star power in Mookie Betts, Juan Soto, Freddie Freeman, Manny Machado, and many more. You have the simple fact that they’re in the same division and are about 120 miles away from each other. And, of course, you have the fan rivalry with both sides going at it whether it’s exchanged in person or taking jabs at each other through social media.

Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts participated in the “rivalry” and took a shot at San Diego’s late game decision to put position player Matthew Batten on the mound. OC Register’s Jim Alexander shares Robert’s thoughts on the decision.

“No wonder Dodgers manager Dave Roberts decided he didn’t want to ‘put any of my position players up there against a softball player, a pitcher throwing an eephus ball.’”

Now that’s cold.

With the blowout on Friday, Padres sent out Batten to the mound so Roberts countered. The Dodgers skipper replaced All-Star Freddie Freeman with another All-Star, pitcher Tyler Anderson. Anderson pinch hit for Freeman and struck out on a nasty 53 MPH pitch by Batten.

The Dodgers have dominated San Diego, specifically, in the past 11 years. Since 2011, the Dodgers are 124-62 against their Southern California counterparts and have won 6 of the first 8 games this season. The Dodgers will look to go 7-for-9 tonight.

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    1. I know….what the heck!? the Dr. Was being a true soldier with utmost respect there. Sending in a pitcher to ” Pinch Hit” when the Pad’s sent in a position player to “Pitch” ! ….yeah. that was a fare “duel”. I haven’t seen an actual ” Pitcher O
      Pinch Hitter”, since Carlos Zambrano, of the cubbies. I think I seen Kersh do it when he was young and was actually hitting at a high avg his first 2-3 years. Like the .240’s !!! then Kershaw just got worse n worse every year batting. Partly do to his pitching brilliance, they took him off BP and tape. Plus the opposing teams got hitting tape on him, cuz he was a hitting threat. So Kersh went from hitting hero, to, a hitting zero. Got to be the point if there were ppl on base with less than 2 outs…..” Just don’t swing CK ” !!! PLEASE!? lol. Orel ( Hersh and Kersh ) pinch hit sometimes, I think he even did it vs mets in 88′ playoffs? I think? LAD was down many hitters: Gibson wasn’t even really suppose to be in the stadium! Stubbs was hobbling around, Griffin was out, Soscia was dead tired from a long long year and their back up was a slow light power old guy. Dave Anderson was their pinch hitting utilitu guy, he was out. Mike Marshal was out most of year. Fernando was a good hitter, but he was out mostly that year. Too bad. Nando mania was so awesome! Nando & Pedro Guerrero were the shiz! So yeay, Orel got a pinch hit in playoffs vs mets, but if I remember right, he got stranded . Orel hit above avg too that year. Orel was a fn’ beast that year! LAD burned him out tho using only 3 to 4 pitches mostly. 1 reason CK kept getting hurt. He’d have off year ( off for him), or contract year n he’d rely on only his best pictures therefore throwing out his back and arm.

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