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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Not Concerned About Uneven Offensive Start Yet

It’s too early to assess the 2023 Los Angeles Dodgers. They’re five games in, and they’ve been able to snag three wins in the process and fairly easily. The Dodgers still look to remain a threat for a World Series title, and their chances could increase if they make a big move by the trade deadline. That’s a couple months away, but with or without a tarde they’ll still be in the hunt.

Nonetheless, in the Dodgers’ three wins, they’ve exploded for 8 runs, 10 runs, and 13 runs. When the offesne is on, it is on, but when the offesne is cold, then it is ice cold. In their two losses thus far, they combined for two runs. The moral of the story throughout fives games is, when the Dodgers score a lot they’ll win, if they don’t they’ll lose.

LA Dodgers skipper Dave Roberts isn’t too worried about the offense’s inconsistent start and says it’s too early to judge the players who are new to the team.

“I don’t know about weaknesses yet. I still like our lineup. I just think there’s a few guys that haven’t gotten on track yet.”

Via Jack Harris, LA Times

The lineup did just fine last night in their series opener against the Colorado Rockies. LA exploded for seven runs in the fifth inning, and they made it look quite easy. They scored 13 runs on 13 hits and they made it look easy at times.

There are over 155 games left in the season for the Boys in Blue, and there is a lot to adjust to and a lot to carry into the season. Like Doc, I’m not too worried about the Dodgers and their inconsistent start; remember, many of their top players missed time in spring training to play for their respective countries. They’re still in spring training mode; give it a month into the season, and maybe this will be something worth worrying about.

At the moment, the inconsistent offense is normal, and it will blow over in due time.

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