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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Not Showing Cards After Stripling and May Outing

The Dodgers clinched playoff berth last night. Tonight, they had Ross Stripling on the mound, against John Means. The Orioles struck first, in the 2nd inning, they had a 1-0 lead. In the top of the 6th inning, the Dodgers took the lead 2-1, which didn’t last long, as the Orioles scored a run in the bottom of the 6th to tie it at 2 apiece. After that, the Orioles pulled away and won the game 7-3.

Following the loss, Dave Roberts spoke to the media.

Dave on the team’s performance:

“We haven’t seen Means, but he’s got good stuff, he’s actually fun to watch…we really didn’t barrel him up all night long, he was very efficient. It was good to see A.J. got a changeup, elevated, gave us the lead. I thought Strip was good tonight, Dustin had a lot of good throws, threw two clean innings.”

Roberts on Ross Stripling and Dustin May’s performance:

“Ross three innings and we’ll see where he lines up next, but I thought Ross was really good. With Dustin, I thought there were a lot of good throws in there…when he needed to make a good pitch, he did.”

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Dave on how many of the bullpen pitchers are auditioning for a postseason spot:

“If you look at who we have right now, I put them all in that bucket. I think that there is still a lot of baseball, a lot of decisions to be made.”

Roberts on when evaluating these options, how much of it is looking at the results compared to the process:

“More the process…when you’re talking about the postseason…the pressure, execution matters, and I think that a flair, a bad walk, that’s a big difference right there, those things matter when you get in the postseason.”

Rich Hill will be back on the mound tomorrow, as the Dodgers look to take the rubber match in Baltimore.

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  1. Does anyone know when Dave will stop fooling everyone with the bullpen lineup? He’s not showing his cards means he’s bluffing. Who knows, but it would be nice to get a set group now and let them start working on their roles. It was good to see floro show up 5 runs down, hopefully that means he’s saving other arms.

  2. Hill might make sense out of the pen. I really don’t see Jansen closing postseason games unless we want to be bridesmaids again. I’d like to see Hill and Gonsolin audition for the closer role. Do I expect the Dodgers to take my advice. Hell no, but who else in the pen other than Joe Kelly can come in and shut down a rally in an extremely high leverage situation. I’m still not a huge Baez fan due to his inconsistency in the past. We’ll only win a Championship with a DOMINANT closer. Start the auditions.

    1. Paul, (and I have the same 1st name), for the Dodgers, should they get to the WS, which is really questionable IMHO, must have dominance from the starting and relief pitching because as we saw again last night, they are vulnerable to good LHP. All the teams in the PS really need to do to match up with Dodgers is to throw as many LHP at them as possible because Roberts shuffles the lineup accordingly with leaving Joc’s 32+ HR’s sitting on the bench. Lux didn’t start last night, and this after he went 3 for 4 the night before and his 1st HR WAS OFF A 99 MPH Fast Ball OFF A LHP no less!!!!!!!!. Not sure Dodger’s offense can compete with whoever the AL Pennant winner is, either the Yankees or the Astros.

      1. Like you, AZUL, I was not happy with our effort last night, or the lineup Roberts put forth. If there is a Yankee/Astro series. I would have to favor the American League team at this time. Roberts and his platooning will be the downfall of me and the team. Lux and Joc did not play last night, though Barnes did : what does that achieve? Tonight Hill will make one of 4 starts he is sceduled to have according to DR. Last nights BP effort was sad : once we got past Strips and May, we sank faster than a heavy rock. Not good!!!! Go Blue!!!

  3. Hello BLUE LOU! As I said on another page, the Dodgers get a ‘pass’ for last night’s game in a way because not only was champagne being sprayed on one another, a lot of it was probably consumed as well. And again, if teams in the PS are smart they will start a LHP as often as possible because that sits Joc’s 32 + HR’s on the bench.

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