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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts On The Homefield Advantage Of Dodger Stadium

Are you one of the many fans who has came out to see the Dodgers play at Chavez Ravine in 2019? If you are, manager Dave Roberts has some words for you. In this case, the Dodgers’ skipper has some immense praise.

Before the Dodgers Fourth of July meeting with the San Diego Padres, Roberts told Jorge Castillo what the stadium environment has been like this season. Moreover, Roberts is talking about the Dodgers’ home field advantage.

Keep in mind, the Dodgers boast a 36-9 record at home this season. That record represents the best in all of baseball. So how does Roberts view things when the Dodgers are playing in the home whites? Of course, his mind turns towards the fan base.

“The fans are insane and ridiculous – in the best possible way.”

Short and succinct, the Dodgers’ manager feels as positively about you all as you do him. And that’s important in building a winning culture.

At it’s roots, a story like this helps tell the larger story. In this case, you’re all a part of it. Without question, if the team’s manager feels this way; you can bet that his players share the same feelings.

Sure, there’s a comfort the Dodgers have at playing at their home park because of the familiarity. However, it’s also an atmosphere that has become parts rabid and enthusiastic that have helped make 2019 and the last few seasons special.

When you have all the right ingredients in play – and few clubs ever do – things take place like five consecutive walk-off wins.

Anyone that has been to a baseball game knows that the crowd plays a factor. Dave Roberts has been involved in a lot of baseball games, thus making him a smart baseball man.

Therefore, give yourselves a hand and smell the roses a bit! It’s reading things like this that reaffirm the Dodgers fan base to be one of the best in all of baseball.

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