Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Provides Positive Corey Seager Update

Few topics in Los Angeles Dodgers circles evoke more passion than the health of Corey Seager and platoon lineups. Now, Dave Roberts has tied both together in his first comments from spring training. Yes – Roberts addressed both in detail – giving us details on Seager’s health and how that effects the Dodgers’ lineup during the season.

Ken Gurnick had some details on twitter. Equally important, Corey Seager is on track to be at full strength for Opening Day; pending no setback occurs.

Here is what Roberts actually said:

He looks really good.

Still, that’s not a huge update – as Roberts doesn’t say what he saw Seager do. Still, we can expect that at this stage the team is running Seager through the full battery of drills at half-speed.

It’s Robert’s next series of quotes that let us know that Seager is probably going to be a fixture in the lineup from day one.

And, with Seager in there almost every day; Roberts provides another clue of what to expect.

Dave Roberts on Platoon Lineups with Corey Seager Fully Healthy

For one, I didn’t like the platoon lineups. When they worked, they still felt wonky to me. Certain guys just didn’t seem to get in a rhythm. According to the manager, getting Seager back may alleviate this some.

“There is a certain narrative on us platooning last year, and I think that was kind of for survival,” manager Dave Roberts said Tuesday during his first spring training availability.

“I think that we’re not as susceptible against left-handed pitching,” Roberts said. “Offensively, we’re much more balanced, one through eight. Whoever those eight might be on a particular night will conduct consistently better at-bats. And I think the bullpen depth is better than it was last year.”

Balance. Depth. Consistency.

These are the things that a winning club prides itself on from the beginning. And having Corey Seager as an ingredient helps all of those attributes. Keep your fingers crossed that he’s bubble-wrapped with care until March 28th at Chavez Ravine and there forward.

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  1. I hope he’s right- but this is the same Roberts who said the 2019 Dodgers have no weaknesses, so what can we actually believe. Also, how did Seager’s injury cause all the platooning? I seem to remember a guy named Machado they got to fill the role- and the platooning was going on nearly every game.

  2. I’ve never played above Little League baseball so perhaps I don’t know I’m talking. At the uber-competitive levels(high school & college) and professional(minors and majors), doesn’t one Need to be in the line-up, day-in/day-out to get into a rhythm and therefore not be sitting out(platooning)? Please enlighten me for any poster who has either played(Clint Evans for example).

    • Robin, Vinny used to say this: “Ya can’t play if ya don’t play”.. and it is true indeed for most players who are accustomed to least be in there on a regular basis. Not necessary that they be in all 162, but players on this team are or have been made into marginal ones as a result of being in and out of the lineup on a daily basis.