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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Talks About the ‘Big Loss’ of Tyler Anderson

When the Dodgers set a franchise record with 111 wins in 2022, there was perhaps no more surprising part of that team than Tyler Anderson. Anderson signed late in the offseason and started the year piggybacking with Tony Gonsolin, but he ended up leading the team in innings pitched and making the All-Star team. After the season, he declined a qualifying offer from the Dodgers and signed a three-year deal with the Angels.

Dave Roberts was on the Starkville Podcast earlier this offseason, talking with Jayson Stark and Doug Glanville about how much Anderson will be missed in Los Angeles.

“It’s a big loss in the sense that, not only the workload, the posting, which he did as well as anybody in baseball — the guy, the compete. And he even says, his best tool is his confidence and his compete. And a guy that throws 90 with a changeup, he’s got to have that confidence and trust to throw the ball over the plate. So, yeah, having someone to kind of backfill, log innings to be dependable, is something that we’re certainly targeting.”

When you lose your innings leader, it’s a big loss. When those innings were thrown by an All-Star who had the fifth-best ERA in the league, it’s even bigger. Filling Anderson’s shoes won’t be easy, but it’s definitely a priority for L.A. going forward this offseason.

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Jeff Snider

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  1. It’s because he was offered only a QO, not an extension. There were a few incidents he was disrespected and taken advantage of during the season, i.e. implying a move to the BP for the playoffs, getting scratched in game 3, and taken out early in game 4. He didn’t look happy in his demeanor or his responses to questions in interviews. So be it, decided 1st good offer I’m gone.

  2. Roberts is to blame for Anderson leaving. While throwing a shutout in a career, headlining, game, “Dufus, dumb (censored) Dave pulls Tyler hand hands the team to its awful bullpen, costing us the LDS, costing vendors jobs, and making the Dodgers look bad. Tyler had the opportunity to move a few miles away, launch Roberts, not relocate his family, sign a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract and make a large statement about how not to abuse an All-Star pitcher in a key playoff game!

  3. He should have been the game 3 starter, that was the game to win. SD won in game 2 and took home field. Winning game 3 gets home field back and at worst you have Julio pitching at home in game 5. Nobody had Gonzo above Tyler, I could not believe Tyler didn’t get that start. Then they didn’t make a counter to the Angel offer. That sequence and saying his players didn’t have the no tomorrow mind set have made him dead to me. Never heard a manager call out such a talented team to the press when he is the coldest fish in the dugout. The best move the Phillies made all year was dumping Girardi who in my book is a superior manager to Roberts. But it sent a message to the team that he was not able do himself. A good experiment for the Dodgers to follow. If you want a clean start with the kids, two coaches have already left, 3 is company let Roberts join them.

  4. Just looking at Anderson when he was pulled at the last playoff game you could tell he was very upset. He did not want to come back to a team managed by Roberts. I would have to agree with him. That was one of the biggest Bozo moves any manager could make during the playoffs and Roberts had made prior dumb playoff decisions in prior years.

  5. The botched moves in the playoff’s are endless. Roberts and the Dodgers FO has dismantled the should have been dynasty. Not resigning Kory Seager, getting rid of Hernandez and Joc. JT Belli gone now, then Roberts burning up Scherzer, Alex Wood goes to a rival, Roberts is absolutely unable to make reasonable moves by himself to strategize against other good managers. Take away the 280 mill payroll and he’s just a little league coach.

  6. Roberts is not a baseball mgr in the true “sense of the word”. He’s more of a mouthpiece for the team President & the guy who takes the heat for him. I don’t think we know what kind of mgr he would be without constraints?

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