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Dodgers News: DJ Peters Claimed Off Waivers by the Rangers

Sometimes things just don’t quite work out for prospects. Dodgers fans certainly know that with big names sometimes not meeting the hefty expectations placed on them. Other times, there simply hasn’t been room on the Major League roster for them. 

That was sort of the case with DJ Peters. The Dodgers took Peters in the 4th round of the 2016 draft out of Western Nevada College. He moved up through the system pretty quickly as he showed off incredible power for a guy that is 6-foot-6 and an athletic specimen. 

But Peters has been blocked at the big league level for a long time. He got his chance in 2021 thanks to injuries to the Dodgers, but it didn’t quite work out. Peters went 5-for-26 in 18 games for Los Angeles and finally got the DFA this past week. 

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Now we get news that Peters has officially been claimed off of waivers by the Texas Rangers. His time in the Dodgers’ organization has come to an end, for now. He got 3 stints with the big league club before heading out to Texas. 

Dodgers fans hate to see him go for a number of reasons, mostly being that he was a really good story. A local kid that grew up in nearby Glendora, Peters grew up going to Dodger games and sitting out in the pavilions. But we wish him luck out in Texas! 

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  1. Good luck to him. I hope he finds success there. But, he was handed a golden opportunity with the Dodgers and didn’t produce ( him and anyone else the Dodgers tried)

    1. One can only wonder if he might have gotten a more lengthier chance if he had better bat to ball skills. But was only 5 for 26 and struck out a ton. He remained me of the modern day Billy Ashley.

      1. Five for Twenty-Six? Heck if Bellinger was doing that, it would be his hottest hitting spell for the last couple months!

    1. Yep he had a shot. But Jason Werth? I think he was kind of always on the edge of stardom but injuries held him back. Got a good FA contract with Washington and a long career, though

  2. Another good soldier who really didn’t get much of chance to show what he can do (5 for 26 is a pretty small sample size) because the numbers in LA were against him. Hope he gets a longer leash in Texas and turns into a good player.

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