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Dodgers News: Dodgers Acquire Chris Taylor for Zach Lee

On Sunday it was announced that Dodgers traded pitching prospect Zach Lee to the Mariners for shortstop Chris Taylor. The community began to panic asking why they would trade a 1st round pick pitching prospect for Chris Taylor. It didn’t make sense!

Well here are the facts. In 13 games this season in AAA OKC, Lee has a 4.89 average with a 7-5 record and in his only major league start he gave up 7 runs. Unfortunately, Lee just never became the player that we thought he would be. With this in mind trading him makes a bit more sense! Okay, well what about the guy we traded for?

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From David Vassegh, Co-Host of Dodger Talk :

Andrew Friedman yesterday on #DodgersOnDeck on potential trade deadline deals: “I think with the depth of our team & strength of minor league system, it allows us to focus on elite level players.”

In the short time Taylor has spent in the majors, 86 games to be exact, he is batting .240 with 0 home runs and 10 RBIs. These numbers are not very promising, which does not help the front office’s case for the purpose of this trade. If Chris is here for the long-run, then it would make sense for his spot to be Seager’s back-up man. This isn’t a bad thing! Even though the kid is, well, a kid, does not mean he is invincible and can play 160+ games a season. Taylor could fit in nicely as his relief man, providing solid defense and a decent bat. He’s no Seager, but then again, who is?

Another possibility for this trade could be that it is leading to something much greater, which is the more exciting idea to think about! Could the front office be acquiring a bunch of trade bait to make one huge trade to help take us to the World Series? If so, who else might be involved in that trade? The only thing we can do is wait and see!

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  1. Better to get something rather than nothing for Lee.  He was probably one of our more expendable pitching prospects that had any trade value.  Would have rather the Dodgers use him in a larger package for a big bat or something, but as I said, something is better than nothing.

  2. Kike is current backup at short. If he goes down, hope soon, you have this guy or Charlie Culbertson at okc. This may be part of thinking, I.e., kike disappointing although Roberts just gave him a vote of confidence. Yes, I know he hit a home run yesterday but he always swings for fences and not that baseball smart.

  3. Emmamargo He swings hard sure, but I think he just seems to be swinging for the fences more lately because he is in an extended slump.  Is he the .300+ AVG, 130+ wRC+ guy he was last year?  Probably not given his righty-lefty splits, but he certainly is better than his sub .200 AVG indicates right now – plus, having only a .216 BABIP won’t help any either.

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