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Dodgers News: Dodgers Sign Former Cubs Third Baseman Ian Stewart

A week after trading for Cubs beleaguered closer Carlos Marmol, the Dodgers have signed former Cubs third baseman Ian Stewart to a minor league contract.

Stewart was released after he sent tweets mocking the Cubs organization about a promotion to the big leagues and gives the Dodgers depth at third base is thin after Luis Cruz signed with the Yankees.

Jon Heyman of was the first to report the signing:

Stewart hit just .168 in Triple-A while hitting five home runs and knocking in 20 runs. There’s a chance that Stewart won’t make it to the big leagues, but is insurance if an infielder does go down with another injury.

While Stewart’s exit from Chicago was messy, he should welcome the addition to the Dodgers as he spent time in the NL West previously with the Colorado Rockies.


Ross Gasmer

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  1. Stewie is what baseball people call a dog. he has no respect for this great game and the sooner he is gone the better. I wonder how the unemployed people of Des Moine Iowa view him after he bragged about making 2 million for doing absolutely nothing.Stewie is what’s wrong with baseball, cocky and non productive at the AAA level. He was a bust in Colorado and Chicago. He doesn’t even deserve to be a part of professional baseball. Thirty years ago he would have been black balled, and deservdly so.The sooner that stewie joins the backyard barbeque league asking what happened, the better baseball will be.

  2. Stewie ‘s high school coach thinks he’s a legend so it’s no suprise that the kid acts the way he does. This guy found a loophole in high school enrollment procedures and thiks of himself as a coaching legend. He got four or five future major leaguers to transfer out of there area’s to play for him. He had it downt to a science. He ought to do a seminar on how to do it. The one thing he forgot to teach stewie was respect for the game.

  3. Ian Stewie Stewart should be the poster boy for the I”m entitled generation. Playing baseball at any level is a privelege, especially at the big league level. Stewie might be starting to realize this. Think about today’s players who are cradeled since little league and into professional baseball if they are drafted high. They have never faced any real adversity. Stewie over the last few years stopped producing and the Cubs called him out and sent him down to AAA. Stewie did the only thing he could think off, he blamed someone else for his lack of production.Big leaguers are supposed to be grown men, sometimes they expose themselves as the over grown little league minds that they still have.

  4. I knew the guy about ten years, he was a solid ball player with a lot of potential. Unfortunately he got lazy. I’d have to agree with Jose on the coach comments thought Demarest was an ass, a solid coach, but he poached other players from everywhere.

  5. I just checked on Stewie’s numbers. He’s hitting a buck and some change. Theo wonder boy Epstein ought to be fired for signing this guy. Oh well at least he dumped him off. I wonder if stew is reading books on back yard cook outs. Can you imagine all the tri tip this guy can afford. He will probably sit in a big lounge chair and blame everyone but himself. He’s a big strong guy maybe he can join the plumbers union.

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