Dodgers News: ESPN Picks Kershaw for ERA Title

ESPN’s panel of 30 voters today not only voted the Los Angeles Dodgers as the “Most Disappointing Team” for the upcoming season, but they also picked who they think will win the ERA title. They titled it the “MLB ERA Champion.” Still unclear if a title belt comes with that, but that’d be fun.

The winner of that imaginary title belt? The Dodgers’ own Clayton Kershaw. Then again, why wouldn’t it be? He’s led baseball in ERA in four of the last five seasons, and he finished third there last season. In total, Kershaw is the best pitcher in baseball so it makes sense to bet on him to win this distinction.

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From ESPN dot com:

voting for era

First off, this is downright insane to see. Kershaw received 17 of the 30 votes, which quite clearly is over half the total, and that’s almost unheard of in these types of polls. Secondly, former Dodger Zack Greinke received three votes himself. That put him in a tie for second with Jose Fernandez of the Marlins.

Lastly, this just shows you the overall greatness that Clayton Kershaw happens to possess. When this many people target him as the guy who they believe in the most to win the ERA title during the upcoming season, it shows the level of trust and success that he has built during his career. It’s staggering.

Out of all the questions that ESPN polled their 30 experts on, this one generated the most votes for one player or team. Kershaw’s 17 trumped everyone’s, and the only answer that came close was Mike Trout receiving 16 votes in the “Highest WAR” category. Kershaw is just on a different level from the other pitchers in baseball and we’re luck to have him.

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