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Dodgers News: Farhan Zaidi Talks Logan Forsythe, “Drawn-Out” Search for Second Baseman

Dodgers General Manager Farhan Zaidi appeared on MLB Network Radio to discuss the trade for Logan Forsythe.

Zaidi admitted the search was “drawn-out.” He acknowledged disappointment in how much of that pursuit was made public. Indeed, the search seemingly produced new rumors every day. Ultimately, the Dodgers acquired Forsythe, who was “right at the top” of Zaidi’s “very short list of targets.”

“We were looking for a right-handed bat and a guy who could bring a different dynamic to our lineup,” Zaidi said. “But also a guy who is a good all-around player who can defend, who can run the bases well and, just as importantly, was a strong personality character to add to our clubhouse.”

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While Zaidi said L.A. had multiple conversations with different teams, he didn’t name any specifically. Reports of trade discussions with Minnesota and Detroit over Brian Dozier and Ian Kinsler weren’t brought up, but Zaidi may have alluded to them when saying it’s difficult to matchup with teams’ needs and values. He said that’s why a resolution to the second base saga took so long.

Zaidi said he thinks injuries to right-handed bats last season are overlooked, but added he still valued Forsythe for that reason. He said he wanted to re-prioritize adding balance to the lineup.

“When you’re putting a team together, you’re always conscious of good balance from the left side and the right side offensively,” Zaidi said. “…And for better or worse sometimes, you get a team kind of tilting too much one way or another. And we did get in a situation where, you know, a lot of our better offensive players, not all of them, but the good portion of them were left handed hitters.”

The Dodgers will now be tougher to manage against, Zaidi said. We’ll find out soon enough.

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