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Dodgers News: Four Other Dodger Playoff Teams Have Won Trailing 2-0

It’s something that Dodger fans didn’t think was imaginable with Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw, but the Dodgers will come home for Game 3 trailing 2-0 in the NLCS.

The two Dodger aces pitched a combined 14 innings, allowing just two earned runs, but the Dodger offense has left them done, scoring just two runs in 22 innings. Not to mention, Yasiel Puig is 0-10 with six strikeouts and the Dodgers were without Hanley Ramirez and Andre Ethier this afternoon.

However, Dodger teams facing 2-0 series holes have gone on to win series according to the Dodgers official Twitter account:

As noted above, three Dodger teams came back in the World Series while the 1981 team did it twice, once in the NLDS and then again in the World Series. For the 2013 version of the Dodgers, they’ll need the offense to wake up as they’ll go up against Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright in Game 3.

Favorites to win the World Series coming into postseason play, the Dodgers offense was firing on all cylinders against the Braves as they scored 26 runs in four games and facing Joe Kelly and Michael Wacha, many expected a split at the very least.

But, the May version of the Dodgers showed up last night and today as they’re 1-16 with RISP and seem to be gripping the bats extra tight. Not to mention, Ramirez thinks he has a cracked rib, but another scan tomorrow will determine whether or not he’ll be available for must-win Game 3.

In the NBA, it’s not a series until the road team wins and the Dodgers can only hope the 2-3-2 format works in their favor as Hyun-Jin Ryu will try to blaze the comeback trail.


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