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Dodgers News: Frankie Montas Out 2-4 Months

Not all news is good news, and tonight the Los Angeles Dodgers have learned that right-hander Frankie Montas will miss the next two to four months after having rib surgery. The news broke shortly ago on Twitter.

Montas was acquired by the Dodgers in mid-December during a three-team trade with the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox. Last season, Montas struck out 20 batters in 15 innings during his big league stint. He fanned 108 batters in 112 innings at Double-A in 2015.

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From Ken Gurnick (@kengurnick) on Twitter:

Details of Montas’ exact surgery have been made public now, and it’s not entirely terrible:

This is a similar surgery that Josh Beckett had undergone, and it was done by the same surgeon, Dr. Greg Pearl. So, there is some history there. All in all, Montas should be fully recovered in two to four months, so he shouldn’t miss a significant portion of time.

While this sounds bad – and, let’s face it, surgery isn’t really ever good news – it still isn’t the end of the world. Montas should be ready to go by mid-May or June, and he might still make the team later on in the season if the team needs a power thrower out of the bullpen.

This doesn’t really delay Montas’ estimated time of arrival, but rather it just addressed a problem that was there and it means he should be fine from here on out. Montas will likely begin the season with a rehab assignment before transitioning to Double-A or Triple-A.

The good news is that Montas knew something was wrong and had doctors take a look at it before ultimately going through with the surgery. It’s great to see that he took it seriously and addressed it before it got too far along in the process. We wish him the best and root for him to have a speedy recovery.

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  1. Of course. Another broken pitcher acquired by Firedman and Farty. Those two are the worst front office team in baseball. Dodgers going to suck this year thanks to these two guys.

  2. yarritsblake Jagman63  As positive as it can be with those two clowns running the show. I bet you bought tickets already…………………

  3. All we hear is bad news from the Dodgers. Nothing really positive. So far those Dodger executives have not shown they are good for the Dodgers. I still think they would have won it all last year if Dee Gordon would have been on the team.

  4. LucianoBeltran  Did losing Dee Gordon sting?  Oh sure.  Could anyone have predicted him batting .333 given his track record throughout the minors/majors until last year?  Not at all.  Hitting .300 seemed attainable, but .333 shocked everyone, as did his defensive leap from below average two years prior at SS, to Gold Glove last year.  Honestly it wasn’t a terrible trade (we’ve had much worse) but still hindsight is always 20/20.  Just something you can never predict.  I wasn’t a fan of the Brandon McCarthy move (as most people weren’t/still are not) but not every move is perfect.  Personally I find the moves they have made this offseason to be quite shrewd and is building our team to compete now and later.

    You say Dee Gordon would have netted us the WS?  Really?  I mean, Dee Gordon was great and all for Miami, but you really honestly think he would have made that big of a difference?  I don’t.

  5. yarritsblake LucianoBeltran
    Dodgers didn’t go deep in PS because team was not good enough to do so. No SP depth past CK and Greinke AND no offense capable of competing against the better pitching one usually sees in the PS. In game # 5 of NLDS dodgers had RISP with less than 2 outs in about 4 straight innings and failed to score a single runner!

  6. And just how much front office experience do YOU have? Thought so! I just love armchair gm’s who know nothing.

  7. TonyCox2  So I have to have 30 years experience as a GM before I can express my opinion??? I don’t think so. You must  be a Firedman and Farty groupie though.  Sad for you.

  8. pauldodgerfan1965 yarritsblake LucianoBeltran Our depth was tested beyond compare last year both on the pitching and offensive side.  Quite frankly we had a good overall offensive team, but we became especially inconsistent later in the year (which was mainly due to injuries to our players).  Game 5 was brutal, I agree, but it goes to the offensive philosophy that we had under Donnie more so, in my opinion.  That strategy focused more on the big outbursts, rather than station to station baseball and manufacturing runs.  I think our lineup is built perfectly for the best of both worlds.  We have decent speed up and down the lineup (except Gonzo lol), and plenty of patient hitters that can run up counts and also knock the ball out of the park.  But, because I feel our team was looking more for the pitch to jack a three run homer on, and less for that pitch to slap the other way to advance a runner, or drive in a single runner to tie the game, we suffered for it.

  9. I’m a Dodger fan, first and foremost. Your lack of baseball knowledge is appalling. This front office that you love to lambaste has taken a farm system that was in tatters, turned it into the best system in baseball, brought in key veterans to make this team competitive this year, while not giving away the farm to bring in high priced vets like David Price. This team is poised to be very competitive for many years to come, ALL thanks to that terrific front office.

  10. TonyCox2  I am a Dodgers fan always. But not a Firedman, fanatic groupie like you. If you don’t like my opinion too bad. Don’t read what I write. I will blast Firedman and Farty every chance I get till they are gone.

  11. TonyCox2  I am not miserable at all. But you are definitely an asshole. And I will no longer respond to pond scum like you. You closet Giants fan jerk.

  12. The rallying cry of the fake fan. Take that LA logo off your name. You aren’t worthy!

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