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Dodgers News: Gavin Lux Holds Back Tears As He Speaks About Season-Ending Injury

Dodgers starting shortstop Gavin Lux is out for the season with a torn ACL. Manager Dave Roberts made the announcement Tuesday morning, and about an hour later, Lux addressed the media.

Lux was on crutches and had a brace on his right knee. He was holding back tears, speaking about the season-ending injury.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Lux said. “You put in a lot of time and work and really enjoy the guys in the clubhouse, and the hardest part is just not being able to be on the field.”

The shortstop said he hasn’t rewatched the play and doesn’t really plan on doing so, but did recount the moment from his view.

“I tried to duck out of the way of the throw and I think my cleat got kind of stuck into the ground a little bit and straightened out a little funky and bowed out and kind of rolled up on my ankle too. So, freak thing, I don’t even think it’s really avoidable. Hindsight, probably should just took the throw to the nose and worn it.”

It’s impossible to not feel devastated for Lux, who was entering the season as the starting shortstop for the Dodgers, something he’s wanted to do since he entered the league.

He waited his turn, watching Corey Seager and Trea Turner man the position for the last few seasons. But finally, it was supposed to be Lux’s time to shine. And he was ready to take the league by storm. Admittedly, this is a huge gut punch to the 25-year-old

“I think that’s one of the hardest parts … I think every baseball player’s dream is to play shortstop for the Los Angeles Dodgers,” Lux said while fighting back tears. “So yeah, I think that’s one of the hardest parts.”

Obviously it’s hard to look ahead at a moment like this, but Lux’s surgery is set for March 7, and after that, his plan is to “crush the rehab and go from there.”

He thanked the Dodger fans for all the love and support:

We wish Lux nothing but the best moving forward, and hope that he comes back stronger than ever in 2024.

Gavin Lux talking about the season-ending injury:

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  1. Aw man….No way I can express how this makes me feel. I live in Oklahoma and watched Gavin several times in OKC and just really love this kid. He has tried so hard and put in so much work and, in my opinion was so ready to handle the job. Gavin just stay hooked up and follow the doctor’s orders and YOU WILL BE BACK. Your fans know your work ethics and believe in you and we are all pulling for you. My prayers will go up for you every day until I see you back out there.

    Keep your chin up and keep on keepin’ on.

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