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Dodgers News: Gavin Lux Leaves Game Early With Injury

The Dodgers need all guys healthy for this final week of the season. With just a handful of games left in the year, they can’t afford to lose anyone for any period of time. Starting players will certainly be important to keep fresh. 

Unfortunately for the Dodgers, they were not able to escape Wednesday’s game against the Padres fully healthy. Gavin Lux ran into the outfield wall in the 6th inning and was not able to continue. 

Lux was chasing down a ball in the gap with the game tied. The ball deflected off of his glove as he collided with the outfield wall. The Dodgers outfielder stayed down for several minutes as the training staff and Dace Robers came out to check on him. 

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He was eventually replaced by Cody Bellinger in center. From the replay, it appeared as though he hit his throwing shoulder into the wall pretty hard on impact. The Dodgers have been playing Lux in the outfield since his recall earlier this month. 

If he does have to miss any time at all, the timing could not be worse for the Dodgers. Lux has been one of the most productive hitters in September, collecting 18 hits in 47 at-bats entering Wednesday’s game. 

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  1. I’m ready.
    If the price to pay for Roberts to be fired is a loss to St. Louis, then I’m ready.
    Why give to the best team, the worst manager in MLB.
    That does not make any sense.

  2. This game has been an absolute hot mess: Scherzer’s lack of command, defensive errors resulting in runs, Graterol’s complete implosion and our bats gone (beyond) cold after a terrific 1st inning. This one is really hard to watch… and the Giants win… scoring 1 run. Just wow.

    1. Despite my justified frustration, glad that I kept watching because Mookie’s HR in the 7th and the multiple HRs, including a Belli-bomb, in the 8th was sheer magic! And Jansen shut down the 9th! What a come back!!! Way to go, Dodgers!!!

  3. This is on Doc. Putting a MLB infielder into any outfield position should only be done in spring training or if your out of contention. No way should these guys lose this game. This is a joke.

  4. Four home runs in the eigth for the Dodgers to win this game. The offense has arrived. Jansen strikes out the side in the ninth for the save. And the Cardinals are shut out by Milwaukee to break their spell. Too bad the Giants managed to squeak by with a 1 – 0 win. But there is some real life and magic in the Dodgers. Great game.

  5. I made a comment about Cody Bellinger and his offensive struggles. I suggested Cody should literally clean up his act. Get a haircut, clean shaven and start feeling good about yourself. He had a beautiful swing and knock it out. Hopefully, maybe he can jump start his offensive productivity. Remember, believe in yourself and exude confidence.

    1. I believe what ever it takes. I know that baseball is kinda fun. So what! The pay is good I mean real good. Maybe I will get a haircut,nah How about a barber shave. nah I already feel better. So there you have it. All you need is the ABCs. Attitude then belief then.Your confidence will come..

  6. At first, when Belli came in, I was furious. I was chanting, “Fire Roberts.” But his home run changed everything. Maybe that haircut was all that he needed.

  7. The Dodgers outfielder stayed down for several minutes as the training staff and Dace Roberts

    Spell check in Aisle 4 please 🙂

  8. You start Scherzer, and if he gets into trouble, you put Buehler in as relief. There’s nothing past the WC game if you lose.

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