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Dodgers News: Gavin Lux Will Get Reps at Third Base in His Rehab Stint

The Dodgrs are dealing with their own share of injuries this year, fans obviously know this. But it seems like they’ve also come in waves, and we’re in the middle of one of those waves right now. Los Angeles had to make a few roster moves ahead of the series with the Phillies, but there is a bright side. 

Justin Turner has yet to officially hit the injured list although he won’t be available until Friday at the earliest. The Dodgers’ third baseman injured his groin ranging to his left for a ball in a game against the Angels on Sunday. 

While he’s out, the Dodgers have a few options over at the hot corner. But Dave Roberts also revealed that they will have Gavin Lux get reps there while on his rehab assignment. Lux is currently at Triple-A making a comeback from his hamstring injury. 

He’s done it in spring training. Dino, our minor-league PD (player development) guys that have seen him over there say that he looks really good over there. The other thing is Gavin is excited about it, which speaks to how he just wants to play and be a part of things. With Justin’s thing and CT not really doing it, to have another option is good for Gavin.

Lux has never played a big-league inning at third base to this point in his career. He had also yet to log a minor league inning at third base until this week when he started there for the Oklahoma City Dodgers. 

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Chris Taylor will probably get the majority of starts if JT has to miss an extended period of time, but the Dodgers also have Max Muncy. Lux getting reps in at a new position gives him the versatility that will get him more opportunities though, especially after LA went out and got Trea Turner at the deadline. 

When Lux hit the IL, he had a clear spot on the Dodgers roster. He doesn’t have that right now. 

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  1. How many balls will Lux throw into the stands or elsewhere from 3rd base? He had issues throwing from SS and 2nd base not long ago. ‘YIPS’

  2. He needs to be taking more “reps” in the batting cage if he wants any chance to stick in the MLB.

    1. Exactly. It just shows how desperate the Dodgers are as a result of all these injuries. I’m not so sure this team can recover from this plague that has haunted this team all year long.

    1. Many have suggested moving Seager over to 3rd instead but it appears he insists on remaining at SS. And that may be a big factor in Seager leaving as a FA after this season.

      1. that and the big $ and Corey is as good as gone. Trea returns to SS, and instantly Dodger D is improved

        1. True and hopefully then Trea can be extended past 2022. That last thing I’m sure anyone wants to see is Dodgers ending up without either Seager or T Turner to FA by the time the 2023 season rolls around.

      1. I’m still not buying it Paul…Either the shot is causing soft tissue damage, the team’s mindset is soft and a pampered paranoia, or they’re just all jealous of one another. I’m going to pick a little of all 3. Roberts and the rotating, money ball philosophy of lefty righty, and insane daily shifting of line ups NEVER creates any continuity or stability of this team. Since the 1st day, all these players talk about is October and the post season, like it’s a guarantee they will be there. Not saying that’s not the overall goal, but ‘ANY” little bump or bruise these guys are encouraged to sit it out because all this supposed depth. What really has happened was Friedman made 3 bad decisions this off season. 1. He didn’t get a shut down closer and Kenley has Already blown 7 games, “How many games are we out right now?” 2. Letting Keke’ walk and also Joc, but Keke’ was the biggest loss. 3. The mngt and Roberts after letting Keke’ walk had decided this team would be fine having Lux take over 2nd base, they also felt the combo of Rios, Beaty and 3 or 4 triple A guys would just fit right in… The Closer role has been aweful, the bench was a total failure until Pujols, and the bench players with Lux have all been worthless with the exception of beauty… Gotta hand it to Friedman for pulling off these trades and also trying his hardest to keep the team as a World series challenger, but with the mistakes in the 3 decisions as posted above, then injuries to Betts,and Seager yeah it’s been a bit crazy..

        1. I concur. Shifting of lineups of course are caused as a result of these daily injuries, the likes I’ve never seen quite like this before. But also, you’re right on about the errors Freidman made this past off season and ya mentioned those. But honestly as far as Betts goes, surgery for his hip issue should be considered now and Dodgers need to be realistic as far as expectation for remainder of this season goes. I just can’t envision any real October run. This team and Roberts are broken for now.

          1. Frustration OK. Disbelieve at all the injuries sure. But throw away the season now not a chance.
            First, come October – and the team will be there – all teams go to a 3 man rotation. I’m good with Scherzer, Buehler, and Urias. Actually real good and that’s without anything Kershaw brings then.
            Second, There’s a good chance there won’t be season next year – or at best a significantly delayed start. You think there’s a chance in hell the owners and union will agree upon anything without a drawn out affair past spring and into summer?
            No. Tighten the laces, play ’em, and see where they are in the end.

          2. Paul and Kirk – listen to bum4ever. the lineups are no different than they have been over the last few years. Got to keep all the players happy! Dodgers on their way to another playoff appearance despite the injuries. 3 starters is all you need to win playoff series. hopefully Betts and JT will be healthy enough for the playoffs. Pen just got better with Knebel. Kenley will be on a short lease again.

  3. Putting Lux in the lineup anywhere weakens the team. Get JT back as quickly as possible. Trade Lux in the off-season. Extend Trea Turner as soon as possible. Mad Max has also looked great. We need to try to get a couple years from him.

    1. Muncy is best served at 1st base. JT may take longer than by this Friday to be able to return. And as I said before put Betts and JT on IL and get 2 healthy players to fill in instead of dumb Robert’s willingness to play short handed on active roster. THAT is what bugs me the most. Honestly, what good are these 2 players doing just riding the pine here not being able to play?

      1. By failing to put them on the IL just strengthens the theory these guys are soft, and also they tell Roberts when they “Want” to play. It used to be the team physicians told the mngt and coaches when a player was alright to play, now Roberts let’s the players be their own Dr’s. This has been happening all season. If the team does win the WC game, I’m curious to see how all of the sudden these injuries just magically “Disappear”. We shall see, it’s going to be a wild ride until then…

        1. Also let me mention by no means am I calling JT soft, the guy is a trooper and a Incredible dodger. He’s older and his body needs a break. A few others i’m referring to…..I personally feel Kelly got ticked when Knebel was plugged in- right in front of him. The timing supports my theory…

          1. Yes. JT has had a great year and a day off every week is a good idea. He needs a break as ya say. But if JT can’t play by Friday, then the waiting on the bench for him to get better should stop and he should go to IL. Betts actually should have already been placed on IL and Dodgers are making a mistake if they wait much longer. It really looks like he won’t be able to play for quite a while anyway.

      1. Joe, as far as lineups go if you recall, last year, and a DH sure helped, but the first 6 guys in the lineup were basically set.
        A few adjustments in 7 thru 9 with Barnes batting 9th when he was catching. I do agree that for October, Buehler, Schererville and Urias will be good to go. But Roberts and Co. may decide to use Urias as a closer like last year but wss. CK? IDK if he would possibly be part of that starting group for October.

        1. yes in 60 games with few if any injuries they did that, which is ideal. but you can’t do that this season – we have at least 2 starters of the 1-8 out almost every game this entire season!!! now its Betts and JT. Trea replaces Betts at the top of the order. slot Betts in JTs spot. but Betts is now on the DL. If he comes back I say we play him at 2nd base to save his hips & keep his bat in the lineup. Then you move Trea to third. Muncy at 1st, Corey SS. If all 4 stay healthy, that’s your permanent inf for 2021 or until JT returns. but if JT returns to 3rd, that pushes Betts back to RF then he’ll be out for good. This is so tough for a mgr to navigate and I don’t care what anyone says, doc has done a fantastic job juggling who’s available and match-ups for any given game.

          Urias is 1 of three top pitchers this year; he’s not going to the pen – count on it. We haver Treinen, Knebel and a few others throwing well out of the pen so Kenley on a very short leash has to perform to keep his role in the 9th.

          We can do this, but we really need Betts and JT. Then we are complete.

          1. If and when Betts returns, then he can be put at 2nd but of the 2 between Seager and Trea, it’s known that T Turner is the better of the 2 defensively and it would help if Seager would be willing to slide over to 3rd while JT is out but that won’t probably happen. If it did, CT3 could be in OF. For now it looks like Trea at 2nd, Seager at SS, unless Cory gets a day off. WSS. And most likely Urias will be a starter in October as long as the high leverage guysin the BP can remain active.

  4. Lux can’t hit or play defense. Other than that it’ll be good to have him back in the starting lineup.

        1. hahahaha! funny! Too bad he has no value – I say trade him over the winter for something.

          1. Joe, I’m not so sure Dodgers should deal Lux just yet. Let’s face it, he may still become an important infield piece especially if for some unforeseen reason Dodgers end up losing both Sesger and the following year Trea Turner to FA. HOPE that’s not the case but again. I don’t part with Lux unless it’s a deal Dodgers cannot possibly pass up.

  5. JT is still one of the best. I remember that people were saying ‘he’s to old’ but what a year he has had.
    He is just the best. ????
    We have an awesome team this year. Let’s enjoy some baseball peeps.

    1. yes we do. despite everything that has gone wrong, we continue to be playoff bound, and if we get Betts and JT back will catch the gnats to win the NL West. Go Dodgers!

  6. Bum4Ever, if there,’s a work stoppage for the 2022 season it’s mainly because MLB has the absolute worst Commissioner of all time and space! But if not, i just cannot see the MLBPA accepting any CBA without a DH IN BOTH LEAGUES. Let’s begin playing by the same rules for BOTH leagues.

    1. Manfred’s pretty bad no argument but Clark is not exactly the soul of reason either. Remember the owners offered the DH for expanded playoffs this season and the union turned it down. To me it was a no-brainer – player safety and more teams trying to win – but player animosity killed it. I don’t see these guys agreeing on anything.

      1. I think next year, assuming we play a full 162, the Union may be more accepting of an expanded playoffs now with a full 162 under their belts. But I know most managers and GM’s would much rather protect their pitching investments and having a DH IN BOTH leagues makes all the sense in the world. I can’t stand the fact that right now MLB is the one major sport with separate playing rules for each league. Want more offense? A DH in both leagues helps with that. It’s about time MLB is played with the same rules for each league and that makes the game fair for everyone.

        1. I used to be a staunch defender of no DH but I’ve come around. Starters rarely go beyond 6 innings any more so the strategy of pinch hitting for a pitcher is no longer much of issue. Moreover, who wants to see a pitcher injured on the base – look at Jimmy Nelson. It might just be me but the sight of a base runner with a warmup jacket is lame.

  7. Moving players around, what about Betts at 3rd, it would be easier for him to adjust. Just in and out, and playing closer to the line, then he just have to move to the left. JT gives up too much of the line.

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