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Dodgers News: Goodbye to an Institution at Dodger Stadium

The Dodgers and Farmer John have been partners for decades. You can’t walk around the stadium without seeing the signs for Dodger Dogs and Farmer John all over. Vin Scully famously promoted them dating back to his transistor radio days. 

Unfortunately, it’s a long partnership that is no more. The Dodgers hot dog supplier revealed to the LA Times this week that they did not renew their contract with the club following the 2019 season. Dodger Dogs obviously weren’t served at the stadium during 2020 with the pandemic. 

But now, the team will be featuring a Dodger Dog procured by a new supplier. Farm John’s released their statement on the termination of the partnership this week on the heels of signing with LAFC. 

Farmer John had a long-standing and valued relationship with the Dodgers. After the 2019 season, Farmer John made the difficult business decision not to renew its contract with the Dodgers. … Unfortunately, through the latest contract negotiations, we were unable to come to an agreement that was beneficial for both parties.

The good news is that the Dodgers hold the trademark for Dodgers Dogs, so that isn’t going away. The only thing that will change is the company that makes them. Farmer John will not be allowed to continue selling Dodger Dogs away from the stadium either.

It’s estimated that the team sells approximately 3 million Dodger Dogs per season, and they’ve been around for decades. 

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Dodgers President and CEO Stan Kasten recently said that the team will announce their current supplier soon. The goal was for the club to find a producer that could replicate the exact taste of the historic Dodger Dog, so hopefully nothing changes. 

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  1. Now even Farmer John is bailing? Just because the Dodgers have had one bad week? That’s terrible.

  2. Yeah, best get to a Smart & Final and load up n Dodger Dogs, which as far as I can see, are a national treasure..

      1. They tasted like crap anyway, how about trying to improve the taste instead of duplicating them. #HebrewNational

  3. Well I had one last night and thought it was different, did not know they had changed. Two of us were not impressed.

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