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Dodgers News: Greinke, Kershaw Finish Second, Third for Cy Young

So that happened.

We all knew the vote would be ridiculously tight, but the Cinderella Cubs took home yet another trophy and I can’t help but wonder if the writers fell for the story over who most deserved this award.

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Jake Arrieta takes home the Cy Young trophy as Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw finish second and third place, respectively.

First off, congratulations to Arrieta on the win. His and his team’s season were both magical and his second half of the season was absolutely dominant.

Thing is: There are two halves to the season.

Most everyone covered baseball this season preached about Greinke’s consistency this season and if we’re talking about a player getting hot, Kerhaw is right there with Arrieta.

One factor could also be how Kershaw and Greinke split votes here, but if that’s a legitimate factor, logic failed. I could see if it was an MVP type of award and voters couldn’t figure out who is more valuable, but pitchers have to little zero effect on each other from game to game.

The other factor that might’ve kicked in is Dodgers pitchers fatigue, as this season would’ve marked the third consecutive year ending in a Dodger taking home the National League Cy Young. Again, though, this isn’t the greatest logic when figuring out how deserving a player is of the award.

Again, while it might seem like I’m ripping Arrieta’s season to shreds, we always knew the  voting was going to be insanely close. Pitching in the MLB continues to become more dominant each season, so the voting for this award will only get tougher until some serious shift occurs in teams’ abilities to put runs on the scoreboard.

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  1. Here is my thought– the voters held Greinke and Kershaw to a higher standard since they are both former winners and are expected to be dominant.  I think that the difference in wins between Greinke and Arrieta is of minimal value, considering wins is a factor as much of the pitcher as it is run-support.  But the real issue, I factor, is that Arrieta came out of nowhere whereas Greinke and Kershaw are always there.  Even when they are being better than ever, they are still expected to dominate.  In order for either of them to win against Arrieta, they needed to basically be perfect the entire year, and that is an impossible thing to do.

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