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Dodgers News: Hisashi Iwakuma Re-Signs With Mariners

So, about those headlines continuing to get increasingly worse this offseason…

The news Thursday morning was that Hisashi Iwakuma had failed a physical, putting the previously agreed upon deal with the Dodgers on hold at least temporarily, if not indefinitely.

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Thursday night, that temporarily became indefinitely, and quickly.

First, ESPN’s Jim Bowden wrote this about the situation.

Then, not even an hour later, this happened:

The immediate reaction is something along the lines of: “OH COME ON.”

Then, upon further reflection, one realizes that first response had more to do with the gathering frustration that has built upon itself this offseason. A failed physical is much less devastating than Iwakuma somehow passing those tests only to get hurt early on in the season, killing at least the first year and $15 million he reportedly agreed to.

The Dodgers’ focus now shifts to names like Mike Leake, Scott Kazmir and Kenta Maeda, in terms of free agents still available. Andrew Friedman has been busy (however fruitlessly) on the trade market, too, so that will obviously continue.

For now, it’s hard not to think of this offseason as the month of Murphy’s Law.

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  1. glad to see that Iwakuma is staying in Seattle. As much as I like Brandon League, he wasn’t much more effective in Dodger Blue than he was in Seattle, both seem to be Seattle’s left overs. Now if they could lure Felix to LA, that would be worth reporting! just sayin’

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