Dodgers News: Howie Kendrick Contract Details Surface

A little while ago, the Los Angeles Dodgers announced that the team had officially re-signed second baseman Howie Kendrick. Now, some of the details of his actual contract are starting to be made public beyond the two-year, $20 million number that was floated out there.

The new numbers that have come out are that Kendrick, in total, will receive about $19,245,000 million instead of a round figure of $20 million. The reason for that is because some of the money is going to be deferred to Kendrick without interest.

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From MLB Network Insider Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) earlier today:

Essentially, the Dodgers are going to pay Howie Kendrick nearly half of the sum of money after his two-year contract is over. But, there is a catch:

The catch being it basically lowers the total value of Kendrick’s deal. It seems like Kendrick took one for the team here, mostly because he couldn’t find a better deal elsewhere, and that’s to be commended. It’s not a significant lowering, but one nonetheless.

The current qualifying offer system is mostly to blame for Kendrick’s discount, and he had some thoughts on a process that will likely see an overhaul during the next CBA negotiations.

This, via Bog Nightengale:

It’s hard to disagree given the rate he was signed on and the quality of free agents who remain unsigned as teams value draft picks so greatly in today’s MLB. Last season, Kendrys Morales had to wait until the season started to sign a deal without being tied down by a compensatory pick.

It’s a fairly safe bet a similar situation will arise this offseason. Anyway, rant over.

Kendrick hit .295 last season with 9 home runs, 54 runs batted in, and 64 runs scored in 495 plate appearances. Kendrick is slated to be the team’s Opening Day second baseman, and will likely be moved around the infield in order to help out the team at times.

News of Kendrick’s re-signing was greeted with warm welcome, and his deal is one that doesn’t hurt the team at all. As the Dodgers organization looks to cut cost in some areas, a contract like this with Kendrick is one that benefits both sides in the long-run.

Howie Kendrick turns 33 years old on July 12th, so this new contract will take him all the way through until he’s 34 years old. It’s quite a coup for Los Angeles.

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