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Dodgers News: Hyun-Jin Ryu Homers With Help From Cody Bellinger

The Los Angeles Dodgers added another magical moment to their 2019 regular season when Hyun-Jin Ryu hit his first career home run on Sunday.

Ryu was able to tie the game in the bottom of the fifth, and ultimately set the stage for an outburst of offense the rest of the game that saw Los Angeles put six more runs on the board.

The ace, however, may have received an extra bit of luck just from the bat he was using during this plate appearance.

Dodgers beat writer Ken Gurnick asked the most important question of the day.

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Cody Bellinger’s bat has been involved in quite a large amount of offense this season as the Dodgers’ outfielder has hit 46 home runs on the season with a .302 batting average. No. 46 came after soon after Ryu’s home run when Bellinger hit a grand slam later in the fifth inning.

The Dodgers would go on to win 7-4 and secure their 100th win of the season. They have just six  games left before they start their quest for their first World Series title since 1988.

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  1. It was so FUNNY yesterday! I almost choked laughing so hard. Ryu at the plate takes a harmless ugly swing and miss. Drew Goodman and Ryan Spillborgh start bagging on him, making fun of his batting skills (lack thereof) on his effort. When thy get done trashing Ryu, they went on for a couple of minutes, I thought to myself, “You guys better be careful making fun of him, all the Dodger players on this years team have been talking about how well Ryu barrels and how far Ryu hits balls in batting practice”…… sooner have I completed that thought when “BAM”……..out of the ballpark it goes! It was just hilarious! The so called experts. They are as bad as their pitching staff. Just wish there was a way I could broken into the broadcast and called them out on it the minute it happened.

    1. Bluz1st I believe it’s very unprofessional of any team’s announcers to be bagging on an opposing team’s player no matter what. I wasn’t so sure those Rockies broadcasters would show no class like that.

  2. Guess those Rockies announcers never listened to a Vin Scilly broadcast. In the 60 years that I was priveledged to listen to Vin I never once heard him make a degrading comment about any player, whether opponent or Dodger.

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