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Dodgers News: Injured Players Are On Track, per Kasten

Who is ready for some actual good news to roll in? Okay, good. Well, it came in the form of a comment by Stan Kasten, the president and chief executive officer of the Los Angeles Dodgers. In the statement that was reported, Kasten spoke about the injured players on the team.

Based on what Kasten went on to say, the Dodgers definitely want to make sure that all the players are healthy before sending them down the road to recovery and getting them playing time at the big league level, but that wasn’t all he said.

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From the official Dodgers Nation (@DodgersNation) Twitter account:

The last sentence is the biggest takeaway from all of this. Kasten, as noted, believes that all, not just some but all, players are on track for a full recovery. That’s a huge deal. That essentially means that none of the players have lagged behind in their recuperation.

We’ve already seen video of Hyun-jin Ryu throwing off of a mound to a squatting catcher, so that’s one of the players that Kasten is obviously talking about. The others, naturally, are Justin Turner, Yasmani Grandal, Brandon McCarthy, and a few others. They’re all “on track” to get out there.

Even if you want to take this as a higher-up in the organization giving you news that you thought you’d expect, you still have to love what you’re hearing about the progress of the players who are currently battling back from a slew of injuries. This gives you some insight into their recovery timetable.

For now, everything is going according to plan. That could all change in the future, but as of this moment it’s all going well. We hope that continues to be the case, and it’s great that Stan Kasten was able to talk about some of the things going on with the Dodgers at this moment in time.

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  1. Uh justin. This isn’t really news. In fact 29 other gms  have or will say the exact same thing this week.

  2. We shall see. It will be interesting to see how Ryu and Grandal progress. Everything we hear is very positive. But to me the season hinges on Puig and Pederson or Pederson’s replacement if he cannot adjust. We will have very good defense and a solid pitching core but we need more offense and must have it from the Outfield guys.

  3. Ryu is solid number2.  Grandal so far in his career, is just potential but he was having a breakout season last year and we can hope that was the real him. I’m confident that puig will be OK.  Seen dozens of 6 week wonders like Peterson who couldn’t adjust to real pitchers so not very confident there. While offense is bad it doesn’t really matter if we don’t fix the bullpen. Never even convinced that we have an elite closer, although he’s probably better than half the others in the league.

  4. nodrog60 I agree with you about Pederson I am not convinced that he can adjust. I would like to see Thompson in the Spring to see what he has. According to friends that live in Chicago he is a very good defensive Outfielder and can play Center. he is big, fast and amazing physique. If he can supply a litte power but get on base that is the key. The strikeouts from Mr Pederson have to stop. 
    I disagree with you on the BP. Jansen gets an actual Spring to work out instead of re-habbing his foot. I like Hatcher as I think something clicked for him in the second half. He has a Nasty Splitter. We have some very good RH arms in Baez, Garcia, Frias and possibly Raven and Cotton. 
    Howell, Avilian good LH spot relief. 
    My worry is the offense. They have to move guys over and score with sacrifice bunts and outs as that is how you must beat the Ace pitchers as they are generally low score games. I think the lack of that ability was a key reason we did not beat above 500 teams as often as we should have last year.

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