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Dodgers News: Insider Predicts Clayton Kershaw’s Next Contract

At the age of 34, Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw still has plenty left in the tank to deliver, especially coming off of his ninth All-Star selection of his career. Kershaw appeared in 22 games pitching to a 2.28 ERA with a 12-3 record. He also missed several weeks with back and hip issues over the course of the season.

Still, despite the numbers, Kershaw has contemplated retirement at times and while he’s made it clear that he more than likely will be pitching in 2023, it still remains a mystery whether he will be returning to the Dodgers. Andrew Friedman has expressed interest in having Kershaw return but also respects the time needed to make such a decision.

On the other hand, if Kershaw were to choose to play at least another season, Kershaw would likely not sign a multi-year contract. Seemingly, the left-hander is open to playing on one-year contracts to make it less of a commitment each year out. Something that’s pretty ideal for the Dodgers and the front office.

So the commitment wouldn’t be an issue for LA, but the next question beyond where will Clayton be pitching in 2023 is how much will he be paid? MLB insider Jon Heyman took to task assembling a top-30 free agents list which happened to include guesses on what players could be seeking this winter. Here’s what he had to say about Kershaw, who came in at number 12 on the top-30 list.

Clayton Kershaw: Is Dodgers legacy too strong for all-time great to leave? Teams: Dodgers, Rangers. Expert: $18M, 1 year.

Bringing Kershaw back would bring the edge in the pitching unit the Dodgers can utilize all season long. Despite the disappointment during the postseason, Kershaw still proved he was one of the best pitchers in the game.

The starting rotation is set to take the biggest hit out of any spot on the roster this offseason with several arms heading to the open market. A return of the future Hall of Famer will help solidify the rotation and add to the depth that this club desperately needs. And at $18M plus incentives, it would be a steal for Los Angeles.

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  1. Agree. He is still a number one for a lot of teams. I can see him coming back to hit 200 wins, challenge the Dodgers wins record. of 209 ( Big D), and to make a run at another World Series. And—if he comes for a single season—he will be a tad under the 3000 K mark. Give him a mutual option 2nd year.

  2. Pay CK for another season, obtain more starting pitching to go along with that and hopefully get Trea to re-sign. Dodgers don’t have any real SS in system that come anywhere close to what Trea has already shown in over all performance

  3. He will probably take the same contract as last season. 16mm Plus incentives, some he met some he didn’t. At this point Kershaw is one of the few players that understands max $$ is not as important as those extra few million might be the difference in keeping TT or one of the relievers or shooting for Judge (mistake in my opinion) Unless they decline all of the options on the books for 110mm. Then make the play for Judge, Mookie in Center, and TT at short. Then find another RHP starter on a short deal until the kids are ready. Resign JT at a lesser value contract. Maybe 1 at 9mm..

    CF Betts
    SS TTurner
    1B Freeman
    RF Judge
    3B Muncy
    C Smith
    LF Thompson/CT3/Pederson platoon Joc 1+1×10
    DH JT
    2B Lux

    The only swing and miss guys are in LF.
    CT3 is expendable after last season. But would give him 1 year to adjust to no shift and his foot heals 100%

    Anderson 2×13

    Find a closer
    Keep Phillips, mix and match the rest of the pen. This could be done at close to last years payroll. If and only if Bauer is not reinstated by Arbitration.

    1. I like your lineup, minus Judge (don’t think we need him more than pitching). I’m also concerned with assuming Gonsolin, May, Kershaw, and Pepiot are sure things. Gonsolin and May need to prove themselves again after their injuries, and Kersh is injured a lot, and it won’t get any better as he ages. Pepiot hasn’t been around long enough. So as of now, we only have Julio and Anderson that give me any confidence. I agree that we need to add a star SP and resign Trea. Oh, and change the pitching philosophy of the organization, OR get rid of D.R., which we know isn’t gonna happen.

  4. Resign Kershaw $18 million, Resign Trea Turner, Anderson and sign Urias for 5 years, J.T. 2 Years $15 million same with Bellinger.

    1. IMHO, if Belli stays, only one year with incentives. He’s proven himself to the negative so nothing more than that until he lights it up (a BIG “if” he even stays.

      1. Let Belli and Trea go. I’m pretty sure that’s not a popular opinion with Trea, but I think he’s more in it for himself and someone will pay him more. Belli just isn’t cutting it.

  5. He should absolutely come back. He’s not going to the Rangers. They’re going to have another losing season and if he’s going to play he wants to be able to compete on a great team, not a team with a perpetual losing season

  6. I want to see Kershaw return at least one more year. Maybe this time Roberts won’t screw things up with his poor relief pitching and Kershaw could be in one more world series.

  7. You absolutely bring CK back if he’s agreeable. That’s a no-brainer. Belli’s underperformance is no longer a slump. At this point, it’s who he is as a hitter. Time to move on.

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