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Dodgers News: Is Cody Bellinger’s Mini Hitting Streak a Sign of Things to Come?

The time has come. Cody Bellinger ended his cold hitting streak in emphatic fashion as he logged two hits against the Padres on Sunday ultimately ending eight games in a row without a hit. 

Bellinger wasn’t satisfied with just one game, so on Monday he came back with two more hits against the Diamondbacks, only this time he recored one double and two RBI’s. Could this mean a mini hot streak is secretly brewing for Bellinger? 

If there was a right time for a hot streak to begin, the time is now. (quotes via SportsNetLA).

“It’s a good time to heat up. Really the only time that matters is coming up. So, just continue to play good baseball leading up to (the postseason) and… yeah, definitely feeling good.”

With Dave Roberts hinting that his patience was beginning to run low for Bellinger, this might be just what Bellinger needed to secure a spot in the postseason rotation. Bellinger still needs to prove he can do it on a more consistent basis but the record shows Bellinger delivers in October

“We work every single day. It’s been a long process, but more work to be done.”

The work has been paying off for Bellinger, but he can’t fool us. We know the secret behind Bellingers streak is all in the high socks. 

Keep doing what you’re doing Bellinger because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

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  1. Baloney. Every time a player in a long slump puts a few hits together, people start to believe he has “turned a corner”. It’s garbage, people put too much faith in “hot streaks” or “being in a zone”. If he put together 20 games with a better average, you’d say he has come out of it. Personally, I believe the recent successes are the anomalies.

  2. “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Patience running low? This is moronic! He has been bad for 3 years! He should have been sent down to AAA to work on things long ago. They probably should have broken down his entire swing, posture and approach and built it back again. It has been “broke” for years! Maybe they have done some of this and it’s starting to pay off? I hope so. I know you can’t keep doing the same thing and hoping for a different outcome. Are you saying it hasn’t been “broke” for 3 years?

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