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Dodgers News: Is Joe Davis The Next Voice of The Dodgers?

It’s an uncomfortable reality: after this season ends, the Dodgers will be looking for a replacement to fill possibly the biggest shoes in the history of sports. Vin Scully will not be calling Los Angeles Dodgers games in 2017, and someone will have to fill that role.

Steve Dillbeck of the L.A. Times thinks the Dodgers might’ve found that someone Wednesday.

But Scully, who turns 88 this month, is going to retire one day and has said the coming season will probably be his last. Someone is going to have to pick up the microphone after him. And seemingly, the Dodgers have now identified his heir apparent.

Wednesday, the Dodgers announced that Joe Davis, 27, would join their television broadcast team next season.

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Boy, no pressure, kid. Also, it’s bad enough I’m now older than the players on the field, but now I have to deal with being older than the guy calling games?! This isn’t right!

In all seriousness, though, Davis is quite impressive. The move would probably come with its detractors (as does any move if we’re being completely honest), but tabbing someone who is young enough to grow into the job and also boasts a resume like Davis’ is quite the achievement.

Fans will be listening extra carefully this season if this is indeed what the Dodgers have in mind, and all we can really do at this point is wish this kid the best of luck. He’s being put in a tough – if not outright impossible spot – in following Vin.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go listen to old clip of Scully’s best calls and find out where all that dust is coming from.

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