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Dodgers News: James Outman’s Resurgent Stretch Earns Rave Reviews from Dave Roberts

The Dodgers came out swinging to open the second half of the season, downing the Mets by a final of 6-0 on Friday night. Opening day starter Julio Urias proclaimed that “his vacation was over” with 6 innings of 1 hit ball against New York, setting himself up for a bounce back second half. But another guy who had a big game on Friday started his bounce back a bit before the break.

Center fielder James Outman had two hits and two walks in the win over the Amazin’s. But for the Outman, it was the continuation of his July resurgence for LA.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts praised the rookie for getting his swing and approach back into a better spot in recent games.

“The last five to seven games, I think he’s controlled the strike zone much better,” Roberts said. “I think his swing is in a much better place, where I think before he was in-between a lot – in front of breaking balls, late on fastballs. Right now, he’s seeing the baseball better and taking much better at-bats.”

Via OC Register

Outman is 9-27 (.333) over his last 8 games and 16-54 (.298) over his last 15 games, raising his average to .242 on the season and looking closer to the hitter he was in April when he earned NL Rookie of the Month honors.

His rebound couldn’t have happened at a better time as the Dodgers have seemingly signaled a departure from a first half reliance on rookies. Miguel Vargas and Jonny DeLuca were optioned to the minor leagues over the last week. Barring an unexpected upgrade in the outfield at the trade deadline, the Dodgers seem likely to lean on Outman in the outfield for the rest of the season.

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  1. Please Dodgers, isn’t there anything that we can do to get rid of the underachieving Robert’s. Can’t you see that he is a cancer to the Dodgers. He never makes the right move. It is very very rare that he does anything that I agree with. He is praising Outman one minute and pinch hitting for him the next. We all know that Outman is a potential future star and the future is now. So put the kid in the lineup somewhere he can get a little protection around him. Somewhere he can see some better pitches and leave him there. And leave him in center field and quit moving him around, the kid is 25 years old.he doesn’t need days off. And make switch him because the pitcher is a lefties. He can hitter them both. Good job Robert’s pinch hitting for the hot player (Outman) and putting in a career .222 batter(the guy they just picked up). It was a 1 run game at that point. What kind of message does that send to the young player whose just getting in the groove again. I don’t want to harp on Robert’s but he is managing for the opposing team. Can’t other people see that. I’ll always bleedblue go Dodgers!

    1. Completely agree with you! Robert’s benches hot players and stays with struggling veterans too long. All reports suggest the Dodgers are going after Ohtani. I wonder if they go after Urias also? Miller and Sheehan have been impressive.

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