Dodgers News: Joc Pederson Attends Super Bowl 50

In case you didn’t know or just weren’t aware or plain just don’t care, Super Bowl 50 was last night. The Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10, and Von Miller of the Broncos won Super Bowl MVP. The main reason for talking about the Super Bowl today is because Joc Pederson, the talented Los Angeles Dodgers centerfielder, was there to take it all in.

Pederson is a native of Palo Alto, California, which is about 15 or so miles away from Santa Clara, the site of Super Bowl 50. Because of that, Pederson got tickets to the game and he was not shy about showing just how awe-inspiring the spectacle was as he documented it on Instagram throughout the day.

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From Joc Pederson’s (@yungjoc650) official Instagram page:

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A post shared by Joc Pederson (@yungjoc650)

Pederson poses with his Super Bowl tickets prior to entering the stadium, because of course he does. We all do this to show everyone that we’re actually there. This is the age we live in now. He’s also rocking the Super Bowl 50 hat, but don’t overlook the blue shirt he’s got on. He’s always got to represent the Dodgers.

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A post shared by Joc Pederson (@yungjoc650)

Pederson then took an awesome video of the last moments of the National Anthem as the Blue Angels flew overhead. This is truly one of the most iconic things in big time sports games. The flying of the planes over a stadium will always be great. But that wasn’t the last video Pederson took.

Okay, this is an amazing seat for the Super Bowl halftime show. Pederson is almost directly in line with the three performers as they are doing their thing. That’s pretty sick.

It’s always fun as an athlete to take in the big time sporting events, especially if you’re already in the area. Going to a Super Bowl might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so Pederson took the opportunity to go, and it looks like he had a blast.

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